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Mumbai, the city for foodies, is famous for its exclusive range of cuisines and appetizing array of delicacies. Read on the article to know more about cuisines of Mumbai.

Mumbai Food

Mumbai, one of the most popular travel destinations in India, is widely feted among food connoisseurs for its tantalizing farrago of tempting food platter. From the local street side fare to the ‘amchi dabbewalas’ to fusion menu and more, the food culture of this urban metropolis, just like its diverse way of life, is a mishmash of fascinating flavors and tastes. Loved and relished by foodies from all across the globe, the cuisine of Mumbai isn’t just about authentic Maharashtrian food alone but also includes continental dishes, hybrid cuisines, comfort food and more, which adds to the cosmopolitan culture of the city. From spiffy, self-catering, swish food bars to the street-side food joints, Mumbai is chock-a-block with eateries that cater to all taste. Mumbai houses some of the best restaurants, from slick international food joints to fancy Indian restaurants, which offers a smorgasbord of food and flavors from all across the globe. Explore the article to know more about the delicious Mumbai food.

Mumbai Food Guide

Maharashtrian Platter Or Thali

If you wish to experience the real flavor of ‘amchi Mumbai’, just order yourself an authentic Maharashtrian thali and binge on the various vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies and experience real Mumbai. The Maharashtrian thali is an enticing assortment of luscious local cuisine like ‘Shrikhand’, ‘Puran Poli’, ‘Bombil Batata Bhaji’, ‘Kamag Kakri’, ‘Solachi Kadhi’ and more. Mama Kane located at Senapati Marg in Dadar is nearly a century’s old traditional restaurant that delights you with its old charm and authentic Maharashtrian food. Aram in Bandra East is another Maharashtrian restaurant popular for its swift service and authenticity. Other preferred restaurants for traditional thali are Amey Upahargruh at Bandra East, Manas Sarovar at station road in Chembur and Madhura Upahar in Dadar.

Street Food
Mumbai being a cosmopolitan city prides itself on a wealth of exotic delicacies from all across the globe. However, if you ask the Mumbaikars to suggest one best place to relish true Mumbai food, then the choice is unanimously the street-food-stalls. From boti kebabs to paneer masala to yummy chaats and fiery snacks, Mumbai street-side stalls is indeed one place that Mumbaikars swear by. If you wish to relish the street side savories, then Bandra is the place to go. Other place where you can find best Mumbai treats are Churchgate, Andheri, Borivali etc. These lip-smacking foods are also available on beach stalls of Chowpatty and Juhu.

International Cuisines
Mumbai is a land of diverse tastes! Hence, one should not be surprised to see the line of swanky cafeterias, posh bistros and exotic restaurants, both Indian and international, standing tall among the busiest streets in Mumbai. From Italian and Chinese to Mexican and Lebanese, Mumbai is replete with eateries that specialize in continental and western cuisines. With authentic flavors and awesome ambience, the swanky food hotspots like Ming Palace, Gelato Italiano, and the very regal Gaylord, offers the best eating experience, great international cuisine and awesome wine. Some of the other popular restaurants, which serve best international cuisines, are Relish at Churchgate, Olive Bar & Kitchen at Khar, and Wasabi in Taj Hotel at Apollo Bunder etc.