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Planning to visit Mumbai and looking out for ways to reach? Scroll down this write-up for means on how to reach Mumbai.

How To Reach Mumbai

Mumbai -- a true cosmopolitan city, where tradition and trend walks hand in hand, where the world’s first billion dollar home and largest Asian slum exists side by side, where dreams and disappointments exist together, is perhaps a land of great paradox. But then, this is what makes this “City Of Dreams” so uniquely different from rest of India. Speckled with architectural gems and magnificent landmarks, Mumbai is one city that will impress you with its stark contradictions. From heritage houses to luxurious city mall, colonial relics to cosmopolitan clubs, there are indeed a lot to do and explore in Mumbai. If you have been planning a trip to Mumbai, then surfing through this write-up should leave you with enough info on how to reach the city. But before you start, just know that Mumbai is one of the most well-connected Indian metropolises when it comes to talking of communication. Mumbai has the best national and international air, road, rail and marine links, which makes this place the hub of all international trades. To know more on how to reach Mumbai, read on.

Traveling To Mumbai

By Air

The international airport in Mumbai is named after the great Maratha ruler Chattrapati Shivaji where both domestic and international flights fly. Many eminent airlines have their operations in Mumbai and are apparently considered to be the busiest airport with almost 45 landings per hour. It is well connected with many national and international cities and is rightly renowned as the gateway of the country. The international terminal is called Sahara International Airport, which is 30 kilometers away from northern Mumbai. The domestic terminal is called Santa Cruz which is 25 kilometers away from the city. These two terminals have regular taxi services shuttling.

By Rail
Mumbai is considered the center of operations of the Indian Railway System. The main railway station is known as Chattrapati Shivaji Railway Station where many trains shuttle between major cities of India. The other major stations are Bombay Central, Churchgate, Dadar and Kurla. Railways in Mumbai are the most preferred means of transport here for its large availability and frequency. As far as the local transport in concerned, there are local trains as well as suburban electrical train network. If you plan to go to Mumbai from your city by train, you have to plan well in advance.

By Road
Mumbai has one of the best public bus transport services, ranging from regular buses to deluxe buses, and is well connected to most of the major national highways. The network of roads that connect the city to other major cities and states of India, offers the best road services. The major national highways are 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 17, which passes through the city. It also has an impressive taxi service, both local and national.

By Ferry
Mumbai has one of the best marine services and navy support force in India. Being one among the best natural harbors in the globe, it handles most of the passages and freight in the country. One can reach Mumbai in ferryboats and ships easily since it lies in a coastal region. Many ferries, boats and ships shuttle to major countries and locations in the country and around the world.

Local Transport In Mumbai
Mumbai has a proficient network of local transport that can take you all around the city. This metropolitan city has a regularized metro rail service. As far as the local trains are concerned, it is one of the most commonly used means of transport in Mumbai. Yellow taxis, double-deckers and BEST buses can be found all around the city. One can also try suburban electric trains which, which is both time and cost effective.