SBI Life Insurance is a joint venture between the State Bank of India and Cardif SA of France.

SBI Life Insurance

SBI, a leading figure in banking sector, entered the insurance industry as SBI Life Insurance which is a joint venture between State Bank of India and BNP Paribas assurance-a French company ranked the 5th largest banking company worldwide. In the year 2005-2006, SBI Life Insurance became the first insurer to make profit.

SBI Life offers a variety of products designed for various segments of society. These include individual plans, group plans and health plans. All these products cater to various requirements of its end users. In 2007-2008, SBI was placed with the global top 5 life insurance companies with largest number of MDRT members. The products of SBI are listed below.

Individual Plans

United Linked Investment Plans (ULIP)
These plans offer long term investment and insurance so that you can avail marked linked returns along with getting insured. There are a range of ULIP products from which you can select the one according to your risk appetite. These plans, with their extreme transparency and flexibility, help you achieve your dream at the earliest.
Child Plans
It is a pleasure to watch your children grow. But it isn't easy to meet your child's financial requirements unless you plan for them. The child plans at SBI are
Pension Plans
Financial independence after retirement is a must. Take a look at the following retirement plans to make sure that you plan for it well in advance.
Protection Plans
Protection plans are so called because they provide assured cash benefits to the family of the insurer in the unfortunate event of his/her demise. The protection plans at SBI are:
Saving Plans
These plans help you save up enough, by way of regular premiums, so that you can fulfill your long term goals as and when required.
Group Plans

Corporate SolutionsCorporate solutions include two types of insurance policies. They are retirement solutions & benefits and group protection plans to cover the employees and their families from unexpected twists of life.

Retirement Solutions
Group Protection Plans
Group Term With ROP: SBI Life - Swadhan (Group)
This is a non-participating plan with Return Of Premium (ROP). It is available in easy premiums and offers benefits of life cover protection in case of death and refund of premium in case of survival.

Group Loan Protection Products: SBI Life - RiNn Raksha
This plan gives a protective cover for personal loans from 1 to 30 years. Such plans make sure that your credit is taken care of even if, due to unforeseen events, you fail to meet all the payments.

Group Savings Protection Products: SBI Life - Nidhi Raksha RP
This is a group protection plan that aids savings and is ideal for those organizations where employees and their benefits are of utmost importance.

Group Micro Insurance Plans
These plans provide protection to the weaker sections of the society by providing life insurance at low costs and facilitating refund of the loan premium.
Health Plans
With medical expenses going sky-high, it is only logical that you make arrangements for the rainy days in advance. Staying prepare would include investing in health plans. Health policies at SBI are:
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