MetLife India Insurance Co. Pvt Ltd is a joint venture between MetLife Group and its Indian partners.

MetLife India Insurance

MetLife India Insurance Co. Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture between MetLife International Holdings Inc. and its Indian partners including J&K Bank, M. Pallonji and Co, Karnataka Bank, Karvy Consultants, Geojit Securities, Way2Wealth, Bonanza Insurance (Pvt) Ltd. and Mini Muthoothu. MetLife is insuring the lives of the people for over 140 years. MetLife entered Indian insurance sector in 2001 and is now ranked 88th on the "FORTUNE 500 companies" list.

MetLife was the first insurance company which established a financial holding company with a nationally chartered bank. Forbs magazine named MetLife as 'Best Managed Insurance Company for 2008'. For the three consecutive years from-2008 to 2010- MetLife found its place in Fortunes 'Best Admired Companies'. From 1999-2009, for 11 consecutive years, this insurance company was awarded as one of the "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers" by 'Working Mother' magazine. Today, when people are faced with financial burdens more than ever before, MetLife is helping millions of its customers in creating their own personal safety net by taking insurance plans. The plans provided by MetLife Insurance are listed below.

Protection Plans
You stay cool when your beloveds are safe. Maintain the cool demeanour and cover yourself and your beloveds with protection plans. MetLife offers:
Savings Plan
Life becomes meaningful when you materialize your dream. A beautiful house, a car or a comfortable life in general-all these are obvious aspirations of a person. Never let tenuous savings keep you away from your dreams. Take up a savings plan and drive your life as you wish. Savings plans by MetLife are enlisted here:
Investment Plans
Life is ever changing. You go through different phases of life and the needs and requirements of your family keep changing with time. Investment plans help you reach the best of your life, always. Investment plans offered by MetLife are given below:
Child Plans
Children grow fast and their educational requirement grows even faster. Child plans are designed for those parents who plan the future of their children. The child plans at MetLife are:
Retirement Plans
Pension plans are the key to a happy post-retirement life. To this end, MetLife offers "Met Pension Par" so that you continue to live your life the way you want to-even after retirement.

Health Plans
People often insure their house, vehicles and properties, invest for their retirement and plan for the educational requirement of their children but overlook health. Considering health only when something goes wrong in not a very healthy practice! MetLife offers "Met Health Care" so that you stay prepared for whatever comes your way with respect to your, and your family's, health.

Rural Plans
The soul of India lives in its villages. And hence, MetLife takes special care for rural people by way of special plans. Improper financial planning often wrecks havoc for the rural population. These rural plans are designed to help the villagers live a tension-free life with profitable investments.
Monthly Income Plan
This is a special plan which is designed to create a monthly income for the policy holders. This plan ensures guaranteed monthly income on a regular basis. Lumpsum bonus is awarded at the completion of the term. The monthly plans offered by MetLife are:
Group Plans
Met life offers group insurance policies ideal for corporates and other organizations. These plans are designed to offer maximum benefits to the policy holders.
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