The New India Assurance is the largest Non-Life insurer in Afro-Asia, excluding Japan. Go through this article, to know more about its profile.

New India Assurance

Founded by the House of Tata Founder member Sir Dorab Tata, The New India Assurance Company came into being on July 23, 1919 and is today, ranked as number one insurance company in the Indian market. Consequent to the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act 1972, wherein 21 Foreign and 11 Indian Companies were amalgamated, the New India Assurance was nationalized in 1973. The company is credited with a lot of firsts in its 90 years of service. A pioneer in satellite insurance, it holds a large number of offices, both in India and abroad.

The New India Assurance Company boasts of having highly skilled personnel and a total of 1068 fully automated offices, across India. With a superior capital position, strong operating performance and strong market position as its base, the New India Assurance has become the sole company to extend noteworthy operations, in the international forum. The company initiated its overseas operations in 1920 and has gone a long way since then. Presently, the company is functioning in 24 countries such as Japan, U.K, Middle East, Fiji, Australia and so on, with a network of 19 branches, 12 agencies, 2 each associate and subsidiary companies.

Products & Services

Personal Products
Life is good when things go perfect. However, many a times things get tangled with a single twist of fate. Though you cannot stop destiny from playing its part, you can definitely cover yourself and your family from suffering the 'after-effects'. New India Assurance gives you a wide range of policies with which you can make provisions in affordable prices.
Other Personal Insurance
Commercial Products
Commercial establishments face various risks like fire, theft, burglary, etc. It is difficult to come out of massive loss and liabilities unless you are insured. So, cover your establishment with a suitable insurance policy and stay tension-free.
Industrial Products
Industrial products are major investments and any accidental events can lead to huge losses. Given below are the policies offered by New India Assurance for industrial products:
Liability Products
Liability of compensating a third party due to accidental death, injury or damage or any other reason can be well taken care of by liability insurances. To this end, NIA offers:
Social Products
New India Assurance offers a range of products aimed at benefitting the weaker sections of the society. These policies facilitate the development of the policy holders and contribute to their general upliftment.