When Indian titans go hand in hand with international giants, brilliant companies like Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Ltd. are formed. With products for everyone, this firm is a sure gainer!

Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Ltd.

The Rajan Raheja Group is a diverse and dynamic business group of India and QBE is amongst the world's most respected insurance companies and operates in 47 countries with over 13,000 staff. Hence, the Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd, a name to reckon with in international circles, is a joint venture company promoted by Prism Cement Ltd India and QBE Holdings Pty. Ltd. QBE is among the top 25 insurers and re-insurers worldwide and has been given an A+ by the Standard and Poor's Insurance Financial Strength rating for QBE Insurance internationally.

As an organization, RQBE helps clients make business decisions that reduce volatility and offer stability. Their main aim is to be the first choice for customers, people and investors. Values governing this venture are integrity, passion, teamwork, high achievement rates, service excellence and building shareholder wealth. Their business strategy is to maintain operations in the market and become a lead underwriter for selected lines of the industry. Their products are listed in the section below.


Personal Insurance

Accident Personal
This plan insures you and your family against the financial consequences of unforeseeable accidents. There are benefits based on the nature of injury and the amount by which a person is insured during the policy period.
In rural areas, cattle are insured because of the financial risks that may arise from their death, infection or disabilities. A small premium is paid monthly or annually so that, in times of any eventuality, replacement of lost livestock and treatment of the dysfunctional ones can be taken care of.
Domestic Property
Financial protection is offered to people's assets - home and belongings. A cover is provided in cases of burglary, theft, housebreaking and fires. The RQBE Insurance cover all incidents that occur within domestic premises.
Corporate Insurance

Accident Corporate
If there are corporate employer groups which require a cover against injury, then this general insurance provides for the same. Accidents such as damage, disability and medical treatments of employees are taken care of here.
Commercial Packages
This policy is aimed to cater to the requirements of office settings. The Office Package Corporate Plan offers protection against burglary, damage to electronic equipment, destruction to property, machinery breakdown, fires and personal accident.
Commercial Property
RQBE offers products which are directed specifically towards physical damage or loss of assets like fire and plate-glass insurance, protection against lightening and perils and so on.

RQBE offers a range of products which can protect businesses against physical damage or loss of assets and any ensuing business interruption.
Construction & Engineering
A range of products providing protection against the hazards of projects such as legalities, material damage, contractor's machinery and plant and boiler pressure plant insurances are also provided by RQBE.
General Liability
This offers protection for employees against any liabilities arising due to accidents like handling of chemicals, bodily injury or damage. This insurance policy covers both public and product liability.
These policies aim at covering insured goods against physical loss (machinery, raw materials or finished products) during transit via sea or rail/road/air. Damage to any property is also insured.
This scheme covers vehicles that are used for business purposes. Raheja QBE has come out with a policy that caters to the complete financial requirements of a passenger carrying vehicle in cases of fire, burglary etc.
Professional Risks
This insurance company offers business professionals with a cover against legal liabilities, threat of litigation and potential damage.
Worker's Compensation
RQBE offers insurance products and services designed to protect employers against liabilities which are incidental in a workplace including injuries, personal accidents and diseases.
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