Max Bupa Health Insurance is a highly trusted name in the industry and has quite a few accolades to its credit. But the best accolades are the policies that it offers. Read on for more!

Max Bupa Health Insurance

The tagline of Max Bupa Health Insurance Co. Ltd. is 'A collaboration of healthcare and excellence in service' and an excellent collaboration it is. It is a joint venture of Max India Ltd. with Bupa, a UK-based healthcare service company. While the former is an expert in health and insurance related services like hospitals and clinical research, the latter i.e., Bupa group, has about 60 years of experience in the insurance industry with a customer base of 10 million clients spread across 190 countries.

Max Bupa Health Insurance is not just an annual transaction - it is all about building a long-term relationship with customers. Their main mission is to help people live healthier and successful lives and they provide their expertise as healthcare partners to this end. With a vision to become India's most admired Health Insurance Company, Max Bupa has been a proud receiver of several accolades such as 'Superbrand' - by Superbrands India in the 3rd edition of Consumer Superbrands 2008 - and CII-EXIM Bank Commendation Certificate for Business Excellence etc. Read the list of policies and products below for a general idea on the types of Insurances.


For You & Your Family - Heartbeat

Heartbeat Family First
A typical joint Indian family was kept in mind while framing this particular policy. As the name suggests, Family First, helps in the recuperating and recovering every member of the household, not just the spouse and child. It gives you the liberty to cover 13 individuals in the family. For deciding an optimal cover for this policy, you must register an "Individual Sum" for each and every member and then a "Floater Sum" which is a cover that can be used once the individual sum is exhausted. Some of the benefits of this plan are: assured lifetime renewal, cashless facility at hospitals, in-patient treatment and no age restriction for enrollment.

Heartbeat Family Floater
This program is a transparent and flexible plan that can be modified according to the size of the family. A cover is provided to you and your family (spouse and children) and the premium depends on the age of the eldest insured member. There are several combinations which you can opt for. The policy covers the expenses incurred towards medical treatment taken for an illness or accident. Other benefits include cashless facilities, day care procedures, direct servicing, maternity care and new born servicing etc. Another great advantage of the Family Floater plan is that there is no minimum or maximum age for enrollment.

Heartbeat Individual Health Insurance
This plan gives a proper medical cover and treatment. There are several products, features and services which are available in case of unforeseen medical expenses. Some of the benefits of this program are: direct servicing where all claims are dealt with by the customer services team; cashless facility so that required amounts can be withdrawn from all nearby hospitals; in-patient treatment covering hospitalization expenses and accommodation, and domiciliary handling i.e. medical treatment taken at home with the advice of the practitioner. Depending on the requirements, Max Bupa has come out with a silver, gold and platinum policy.

International Medical Emergency Plan (IMEP)
The last thing that you should be worried about when travelling abroad is your health. It is because for this purpose that Max Bupa provides you with all the medical needs so that you always have access to the best treatment whenever required. This Health Insurance Company has built up almost 190 consultants across various countries that provide you with appropriate healthcare advice and treatment. An international medical cover insures travel, study and business trips.

For Your Business

Employee First Health Insurance
Owing to surging stress levels, employee health is the one of the biggest issues for employers and they usually insure their employees against health risks. The Employee First Health Insurance Plan provides for many advantages such as cashless facility, where the insured lot can directly access quality hospitals; all day care procedures where if the in-patients are admitted for a period of less than 24 hours then all medical expenses will be covered and also single room accommodations without a restriction to room rent and number of days.

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