Sahara India Life Insurance is a wholly Indian owned life insurance without any foreign collaboration. Explore the article to get information on the profile of Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Sahara India Life Insurance

The Sahara Pariwar, the world's largest 'family' with diversified business interests, is a recent entrant in the field of life insurance. Its insurance company-Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd.-was granted license by the insurance regulating authority IRDA, on 6 February 2004. With this approval, Sahara Life Insurance becomes the first wholly Indian-owned company in the Indian life insurance market without any collaboration with the organizations abroad. The paid-up capital of Sahara India at the time of its commencement was Rs.157 crores. The Chairman of Sahara Pariwar, Subrata Roy Sahara, serves as the chairman of Sahara Life Insurance Company limited as well.

The insurance plans offered by Sahara India Life Insurance Company Limited are unique in their own terms. The company offers both individual and group insurance products. Through the different insurance plans, the company aims to cater to the different needs of the Indian society.


Individual Plans

Endowment Policies
Life is full of ups and downs. To be prepared to face unexpected events and also make sure that these events do not wreck your family, a well thought of plan is a must. Proper planning can help you ensure that all the requirements of your family are fulfilled timely, even if you are not with them. The plans offered are:
Money Back Policy
Money back policies assure guaranteed returns at regular intervals enabling you to meet your recurring financial requirements and also provide you with enhanced risk cover. This plan offers you three benefits at a time - safety, returns and tax benefit.
Term Assurance
Term assurance policy helps you safeguard your family despite limited savings. The plan provides financial support for your family in case of any unfortunate event. This policy is ideal to fight against the uncertainties of life.
Pension Plans
It's quite natural that all your savings exhaust after fulfilling all major responsibilities like building a home, educating your children etc. and hence, after retirement, you face the possibility of becoming financially dependent on your children or others. Retirement schemes are designed to avoid this from happening and ensure regular returns even after retirement so that you can stay financially independent even after retirement and thus enjoy the later stages of your life to the fullest.
Unit Linked Plans
Single premium ULIP plans at Sahara Life Insurance help policy holders in deriving direct benefits from financial markets. This policy provides high returns along with risk coverage. ULIP raises the value of savings over time and provides the policy holder with a number of options to choose the suitable investment plan that addresses all their needs and risk profile.
Group Insurance
Group insurance policies at Sahara Life Insurance are tailored in such a way that they satisfy the need of the members who are not able to purchase insurance coverage with their limited income. Sahara also takes care to cater the needs of the under privileged group of the society through Sahara social security scheme.
Additional Riders give you the flexibility to add on to your policy in a way that it covers you even better and more wholesomely. Sahara's rider benefit covers the policy holders from 12 major critical illnesses including cancer, irrespective of the medical expenses incurred.
Contact Address
Sahara India Life Insurance Co. Ltd.,
Sahara India Centre,
2, Kapoorthala Complex
Lucknow- 226 024
Phone - 0522-32577921