Reliance General Insurance Company Limited, of India, offers 94 insurance products, to corporate, SME and individual customers. Explore its profile.

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance General Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading private general insurance companies of India, in the present times. It was amongst the first companies to apply for, and obtain, a license for insurance business, after the liberalization of the insurance sector, in 2000. The company continued to grow with the passing time, widening the scope of its business. Today, it offers over 94 customized insurance products and is catering to various needs of the corporate, SME and individual customers. Reliance General Insurance also boasts of being the first insurance company in India to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification across all functions, processes, products and locations pan-India.

Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd has grown over time, to set up as many as 200 offices in the country, spread across 173 cities and 22 states. It offers a wide range of innovative products for potential customers. The product basket includes fire, engineering, liability, marine, travel and other types of insurance for organizational risk management.


For Individuals

Health Insurance
Health policies at Reliance general Insurance give you a coverage that enables you to meet almost all your medical requirements.
Motor Insurance
Motor vehicles insurances offered by Reliance General Insurance helps you to meet the expenses regarding the repair and also provide third party liability cover.
Travel Insurance
Travels are perfect get away from the regular stress-filled life. But, you cannot overlook the possibilities of practical difficulties such as health issues, accidents and other contingencies. Reliance General Insurance covers a wide range of possible risks associated with travel.
Student Travel Insurance
Reliance general Insurance offers "Reliance Travel Care Insurance for Students" for students planning to pursue international education. The policy covers health care requirements, accidents, death and also the personal possessions of the individual.

Accident Cover
Accidents are often followed by big expenses either for treatments or as compensation. Reliance Accident Cover protects you and your family from post-accident financial crisis.
Home Plans
Home plans are a must if you intend to safeguard your home against burglary, earthquake, fire etc. at reasonable premium. For this, Reliance offers "Householders Package".

For Corporates

Fire Insurance
Preventing fire may not be a fool-proof plan but insuring against such damage can definitely make life easier for you
Engineering Insurance
Engineering industries run on machineries and they are prone to damage. Engineering Insurance Plan at Reliance General Insurance provide extensive coverage to a wide range of difficulties in the field of engineering.
Marine Insurance
"Reliance Marine Cargo Insurance Policy" covers a number of challenges and risks that can affect transit of goods. This policy even offers insurance coverage for loss or damage to the goods.

Liability Insurance
Reliance General Insurance offers a range of liability cover policies which are designed to protect you from liabilities caused by professional indemnity and other such contingencies.
Package Plans
Reliance General Insurance offers package plans that provide protective coverage for your industry, office or other commercial establishments so that you can effectively tackle the undesirable misfortunes that come your way.
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For SMEs
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