Bharti AXA General Insurance is a name to reckon with in the general insurance sector. Read on for a brief profile of this insurance giant.

Bharti AXA General Insurance

This insurance company is a 74:26 joint venture between Bharti, leading Indian business group, and AXA, world leader in finance and wealth management. Bharti Enterprises is a leading telecommunication giant of India and also caters to finance, agri-business and retail businesses. On the other hand, AXA deals with financial protection and has major operations in Europe and America. Bharti-AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd. was incorporated on 13th July 2007 and, as of today, has almost 40 branches across India.

The three main values of this organization are reliability, attentiveness and availability and owing to these values, the claim settlement process of this company is said to be very effective and swift. The management of Bharti AXA General Insurance realises the importance of providing complete customer satisfaction and convenience and hence, the wide array of products they offer cater to almost all the general insurance requirements of people. Read about the products and policies to know more.


Retail Insurance

Whether you leave your vehicle on the road or park it alongside the highway, it is at a risk of theft and damage. The following plans might make you feel better.
Health Insurance Policy provides a cover on both your health and wealth. It takes care of hospital requirements as well as emergency situations.
Smart Personal Accident - Individual Insurance Policy
Consequences of an accident like death or disability are provided for by giving financial aid to the family. It includes medical and legal expenses too.

Home - SmartHome Insurance Policy
Insuring household and domestic property features under this section. There are other value added benefits which are also useful in protecting your family.

Shop - SmartPlan Shop Package Policy
To run your business in a proper manner, this insurance helps you cover for losses in business and in case of any damage to property.

Commercial Insurance

Fires create havoc and it is because of this that Bharti AXA helps in repairing any setbacks from the outbreak. This is done in the form of a commercial insurance.
Civil and industrial firms are prone to accidents, pressure and break downs. Daily operations can be insured for a small sum with the Bharti AXA General Insurance.
Marine - SmartCargo Insurance Policy
When there are marine shipments, materials and goods are at a high risk of eventuality. This calls for a Marine Insurance.

Property Crime
There are specific risks involved in a business such as Property Crime i.e. in the form of entrusting funds with an employee. Precautions must be taken to get insured.
To make room for the company undergoing losses or excessive costs, it would be better if all the liabilities are insured. These can be in the form of compensations and payouts.
Package - Official Package Policy
Additional cover that protects against uncertainties in a company is accounted for in this scheme. It is also possible for you to choose the risks for which you want protection.

Rural Insurance
Rural areas are exposed to several risks that Bharti AXA covers with its special rural plans.
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