Indian jeep safari is quite popular amongst adventure enthusiasts. Know more about jeep safaris in India.

India Jeep Safari

The varied terrain of the Indian subcontinent makes it the perfect place to go on a jeep safari. From mountains to deserts to rivers to dense forests, the country has it all. Explore the mesmerizing landscapes, enchanting valleys, serene lakes, splendid sand dunes and exotic wildlife of India on a jeep safari tour. Jeep safaris will enable you to discover even those areas that are not accessible otherwise. They take you much closer to the nature, allowing you to enjoy the blue sky, the breathtaking meadows, the majestic wild animals and even the never-ending desert.

The allure of visiting the forts, palaces, and other historical monuments on a jeep safari increases the charm of the jeep safari manifold. It also serves as your window to the culture and lifestyle of Indian people. On a jeep safari tour to India, you can visit the numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and get to observe the wildlife from a very close distance. The following regions are very popular for jeep safaris in India:

India Jungle Safari Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations to be visited on a jeep safari tour of India. The picturesque meadows, enchanting gompas, snow-capped mountains are best visited on a jeep. The highest point in Ladakh where you can go in a jeep is Pongong Tso Lake of Leh. You can also visit the Ping Valley as well as Tso Moriri. While on a jeep safari in Ladakh, you can also go in for trekking, mountaineering and other adventure sports.

The state of Uttaranchal, now Uttarakhand, provides some great destinations for jeep safaris in India. The charming landscapes of the region are enough to attract adventure enthusiasts from far and wide. Bird watching, game viewing, Himalayan sightseeing and nature walk are some of the activities you can indulge in, while on a jeep safari tour of Uttaranchal.

The charm of the desert state of Rajasthan increases manifold when it is visited in a jeep. One also gets a peek into the rich culture, traditions, heritage and legacy of the state. The jeep safari tour of Rajasthan will help you visit the beautiful natural landscapes of the state, explore its rich flora and fauna and get a peek into the culture of its people.

National Parks
One of the best ways to explore the rich wildlife of the Indian subcontinent is through a jeep safari to its numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Most of the national parks in India offer the option of jeep safaris, through which you can easily explore their rich wildlife.