Indian elephant safari takes you as close to the wild animals as possible. Feel like a king while on one of the elephant safaris in India.

India Elephant Safari

Best Time for a Elephant Safari : November to March

A majority of the wildlife tourists coming to the Indian subcontinent choose to go on an elephant safari. Such a safari enables them to visit even those terrains, which are beyond the reach of jeeps or bikes. Taking an elephant safari in India will enable you to have a taste of the royal bygone era of the country, when riding on the magnificent animal was a privilege of only the kings. The traditional howdah (palanquin) has now been replaced with modest facilities. However, the elephant safaris in India still retain their charm and splendor.

The pace of the elephant provides you the perfect opportunity of noticing even the minutest of details. At the same time, the height enables you to have the perfect view of the entire setting. Elephant safari in India is mainly used for exploring the wildlife sanctuaries of the country. Riding on top of an elephant, you can go quite close to the wild animals, while free from the danger of watching them in the open. Almost all the wildlife sanctuaries of India provide the option of visiting the wild animals from the back of an elephant.

India Elephant Safari Organizing an elephant safari in India is quite an elaborate affair. A number of attendants are required for the elephants and even the safari camps are pretty lavish. Therefore, the safari tends to be quite expensive and is recommended only in case of large groups. You need to keep certain things in mind while going on an elephant safari in India. The weather conditions tend to vary a lot, so it is advisable to carry portable water with you, along with sunscreen, goggles, and a first aid kit. Wear comfortable as well as airy clothes, which are not too revealing.

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