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Indian King Cobra snake is a member of the Elapidae Family. Read on to explore the facts about the King Cobra of India.

King Cobra

Indian King cobra snake belongs to the Ophiophagus Genus and is scientifically known as Ophiophagus Hannah. It is believed to be the largest poisonous terrestrial snake, measuring upto 5.7 m in length. However, the weight of a King cobra rarely exceeds 44 lb (20 kg). The venom of a king cobra is capable of killing a human being, with the mortality rate being as high as 75%. Even though the name suggest otherwise, King cobra is not of the same Genus as the other cobras.

The king cobra of India is a shy and lonesome creature, which prefers to lead an isolated life. It tries to avoid contact with humans as far as possible.

Natural Habitat
King Cobra prefers Indian habitats that are strewn with lakes and streams.

Geographical Distribution
King Cobra inhabits India, southern China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and the dense highland forests of southeastern Asia.

King Cobra snake is still not listed as an endangered species by the IUCN.

King Cobra of India survives on a diet consisting mainly of other snakes, which are mostly non-poisonous. It may also eat small vertebrates, such as lizards.

Facts about Indian King Cobra

Kingdom : Animalia
Scientific Name : Ophiophagus Hannah
Class : Reptilia
Order : Squamata
Suborder : Serpentes
Family : Elapidae
Genus : Ophiophagus
Species : O. hannah
Average Length : 5.7 m
Average Weight : 44 lb (20 kg)