Indian necklace is a very beautiful and traditional jewelry. Read about the different types of necklace chain.


Indian Names: Haar

One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry is the necklace. Available in a variety of designs and styles, the Indian necklace is a must have in one's trousseau. The Indian necklace has a lot of traditional and sentimental value attached to it. Sometimes necklaces that have been worn by different generations of a family are preserved by each generation to hand over to the next one. The necklace is a jewelry that adorns the slender neck of a woman thus emphasizing on the delicacy and beauty of the woman.

A stunning necklace that has a brilliant cut or design can draw attention towards you even in a crown. Simple and thin necklace chains are ideal for daily wear and add grace to even simple outfits. The necklaces are usually made of gold or silver, though these days, beaded necklaces are also very much in vogue. Usually a simple thin chin necklace is worn with a pendant to make it look graceful. These pendants can either be gemstones, solid gold or silver shapes like stars, moon, heart, etc. or even alphabet pendants.

Types of Necklace Chain

Choker: A choker is a basically a necklace that is set very close to the neck, resembling a dog collar. Some of the most popular choices for chokers are gold, silver or strings of pearls.

Pearl Necklace: A must have in every woman's wardrobe is a pearl necklace. Be it a long necklace, short necklace or graduated pearl necklace, an elegant necklace of pearls should be there to match any outfit.

Diamond Necklace: An elegant diamond necklace will not only adorn your slender neck but also add charm and grace to your appearance. So what if it burns a little hole in your pocket! You are getting a lifetime friend and a hefty investment that can be used in times of financial crisis.