Indian anklets are known as "Payal" and are used as traditional jewelry. Read information on the anklet.


Indian Names: Payal, Pajeb

Anklets are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn around the ankle. They are popularly known as "Payal" or "Pajeb" and are worn by kids as well as young and old women. The Indian anklets are very famous over the world and are reputed for their beautiful carvings, embellishments, and countless styles. Traditionally, anklets used to be worn by unmarried girls in India. An anklet usually has small bells that make a very sweet noise while walking thus drawing attention to the wearer's feet.

This kind of jewellery is found in a variety of styles. Anklets are made in gold as well as silver. The styling can be done according to the buyer's choice i.e. custom made or also what is hot in the market. One can find chunky anklets, exquisitely designed anklets, anklets inlaid with precious stones and gems, beaded anklets, etc. The variety in anklets is so vast that one can find just about any design and carving that is both appealing and beautiful.

There are essentially two kinds of Anklets: Flexible and Inflexible. The former are made by tying links in a chain, attached by hooks to toe rings and are worn by a bride in a marriage. Sometimes, minute bells are attached on the outer edges of the anklets that make a tinkling sound when a person walks. The latter, are created from shaping flat sheets of metal and do not require as much skills as is required in the flexible ones.

In the contemporary tines, anklets made of sterling silver, gold, beads, semi-precious and precious stones are very popular all over the world. Youngsters these days wear anklets on just one foot in the name of fashion! A typical anklet is usually 2 - 3 inches larger than the size of your ankle so as to make it comfortable for the wearer. Embellishments, beads, bells, etc. are attached in such a way that they fall just below the ankle bone.

Anklets can be chosen to match your outfits also. For a traditional look in an auspicious occasion, gold or gold plated anklets are the best bet. For a modern yet ethnic look, go in for thin silver or oxidized anklets. These can be inlaid with colorless stones or semi-precious stones matching your attire. Anklets are also excellent gift items and its vast variety will surely make it a delight to choose from.