Finger rings are known as "Angoothi" in Indian tradition. Read about finger rings that have become a fashion jewelry/jewellery.

Finger Rings

Finger Rings
Indian Names: Angoothi

Finger rings have always remained a favorite when it comes to selecting jewelry. Whether as a fashion accessory or traditional jewellery, finger rings have always fascinated both men and women alike. Known as "Angoothi" in India, these finger rings are available in a huge variety of designs and styles. The finger rings have always been an important part of the Indian tradition and still retain their importance and position.

Centuries ago, rings were used for adorning oneself and were made of crude metal or wood. With time, finger rings were refined and were given a better look. Today, you get rings in just about any material and numerous designs. The most popular choice of material for finger rings is gold, silver and platinum. Apart from that, these days you shall find rings in plastic, brass, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Finger rings also come with inlaid stones that add an extra sparkle to this piece of jewelry.

These days, youngsters prefer finger rings in other versatile materials like plastic, aluminum, brass or oxidized metals. They are adorned with bright motifs, stones and funky designs. Rings can make a bold fashion statement with those floral motifs and sparkling stones that are arranged in a cluster to make a unique design. Some finger rings also have fragile and tiny pendants that are hung loosely. Engagement and wedding rings are either plain metal or have a solitaire mechanically fixed on them. Though simple, they look very elegant on the wearer.