Indian Pendants look very beautiful and can be worn with a thin simple chain as fashion jewelry/jewellery.


An elegant yet simple piece of jewelry is definitely the pendant. Also gaining momentum as a fashion jewellery and accessory, pendants can be worn with a simple thin chain, a necklace or even earrings and watches. Indian pendants come in a variety of styles and designs. Since India believes in spirituality, you will find a lot of such pendants that are worn due to spiritual reasons. Zodiac sign pendants, numerology pendants, Rudraksh pendants, birthstone pendants, etc. are a hot favorite among Indians.

Pendants have been used as jewelry since a long time. Even in tribal cultures and ancient times, one finds that crude pendants like unique looking stones, bones, were used as adornment by both men and women. As time passed by, they were refined and gemstones with exquisite carvings were used as pendants. With the advent of various religious beliefs, pendants that advocated those beliefs came into vogue like the symbol of Om, the symbol of Surya, the Cross of Christians, the Swastika, etc. These days these symbols are still in vogue and have gained importance in urban cities as well as rural areas.

A pendant can be the perfect gift to someone who is close to you. You can order a name pendant wherein the name of the person is carved in gold or silver and is made as a small pendant. You can give a simple pendant like a cute star or heart shape in gold, silver or platinum. Pendants are also available as gemstones and semi precious stones. Giving someone a solitaire pendant will surely brighten up that person's day! Pendants that are inlaid with very small stones look ravishing and are the best choice for a chain that is short and rests at the base of the throat.