Indian armlets are known as "Baju Bandh". Read about his unique and trendy jewelry/jewellery.

Armlet Jewelry

Armlet Jewelry
Indian Names: Baju Bandh

Armlets are traditional forms of jewelry that have become very trendy these days. In ancient times, armlets were worn by both men as well as women with the sole aim of looking beautiful. The armlets were made of crude metal in shapes of creepers, snakes, and crocodiles. They were used as jewellery in not just India but there are proofs to show that armlets were used by the tribes of Native America also. Popularly known as "Baju Bandh" in India, these ornaments are available in many different designs and styles.

Armlets were worn in different forms in India. Towards the south, we find that armlets were designed in a very different way and were used for occasions such as weddings and events like traditional dances. These days they are not quite used in the traditional style but have been modernized according to changing trends. Towards the north, armlets were worn as a symbol of marriage and were designed in a very sleek manner.

These days, armlets are not quite used traditionally but have become a very popular fashion accessory. Used mainly by women, armlets are available in different designs and styles to cater to the ever increasing demands. One can find armlets in materials like oxidized metal, silver, gold, ceramic, ivory, etc. Though not very conventional in design these days, it still looks ethnic when teamed with traditional clothes on auspicious occasions and gives a very different look to the whole attire.