Toe rings are traditional Indian jewelry known as "Bichua". Read about toe rings that have now become fashion jewellery.

Toe Rings

Toe Ring
Indian Names: Bichua, Bichia

Toe rings are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn in the toes by Indian women. Though usually married women wear toe rings, these days even young girls who are unmarried wear toe rings as fashion accessories. Popularly known as "Bichua", toe rings come in a variety of designs and styles. Toe rings are more or less similar to finger rings. The only difference is that toe rings have a little gap in order to allow the ring to easily slip over the toe.

These days toe rings come in a variety of designs, colors and shapes to cater to the changing tastes of women. A traditional toe ring is essentially made of silver and sometimes gold. These days, we find toe rings in copper, plastic and other different materials. Some are inlaid with beautiful gems and stones, while others are carved exquisitely. In plastic, one can find toe rings in a variety of colors and designs with bold and funky embellishments.

Toe rings make an ideal gift to be given to a newly wed bride. You can always choose a pair of toe rings in silver that have a cute little stone on it. You can also go for the ones that are beautifully designed and carved. You can also gift someone gold toe rings if your budget allows you to. Toe rings are now considered to be a very popular fashion accessory and many college going girls wear toe rings as funky jewelry. However, they have not lost their importance in the Indian tradition and will continue to be one of the main jewellery items for a bride.