Earrings/Ear Rings transform your appearance to a gorgeous woman. Read about earring as fashion jewelry.


One of the most common forms of fashion jewelry that is worn by both men and women are earrings. These ornaments have been worn by mostly women since ancient times. When civilization started all over the world, the concept of self adornment caught and people used animal bones and wood as jewellery. Large golden loops were made fashionable by the Egyptians, who were more or less decked up in gold. Earrings inlaid with stones and gems were made popular by the Romans. Indian earrings transformed from large dangling ones to medium and small sized earrings that were worn as studs.

Casual, smart, formal or funky; earrings come in many different varieties. They can transform your look almost magically. Plain studs can go along with a formal look; small hanging earrings can be teamed with a casual look; loops can become a fashion statement and big chandelier earrings can make you look like a Goddess. Carved and intricate designs can be kept for traditional occasions. Gold earrings in beautiful designs and styles are usually kept for traditional occasions. Small gold studs can be worn on a daily basis.

Ear rings are the best bet if you want to make heads turn at a social event or even a family get-together. Wear those danglers in a metallic sheen and grab attention all the way! You can team up your attire with solitaire earrings (if your pocket allows) that go along very well with just about any occasion. These days, even men are crazy about earrings and one can often spot men wearing a small stud in one ear and sometimes both. Earrings come in a variety of metals and materials like platinum, copper, wood, beads, oxidized metal, etc.