The Waistband is known by the name of "Kamarband" in India. Read about this unique Indian jewelry/jewellery.

Waistband Jewelry

Waistband Jewelry
Indian Names: Kamarband, Tagdi

One of the most unique jewelry in India is the waistband. Popularly known by the names of "Kamarband" or "Tagdi", the Indian waistband is a beautiful piece of ornament that is worn around the waist and it rests delicately just below the waistline. An intricately designed Kamarband looks fabulous on a slim woman and accentuates her figure. Though essentially used in a wedding or a dance program, waistbands have evolved with time and still exist in Indian urban colonies.

The style of the waistband differs from place to place and essentially from north to south. In north, the waistband is like a chain or layers of chains connected at the ends and decorated with small pendants or gems. The material can be gold, silver or oxidized metal. In the south, the waistband is more or less like a flexible belt made of gold or silver with beautiful engravings. The waistband can be worn with a Sari or a Lehenga (ethnic Indian wear). During auspicious occasions or traditional gatherings, teaming ethnic Indian clothes with a sleek waistband will make you the attention grabber!