There are many types of Indian jewelry that are available all over India. Read about these popular Indian ornaments.

Indian Traditional Jewelry

India is well known and famous for its traditional jewelry. The types of jewelry that are available in India are as varied as the regions in India! Every state has its own style of traditional jewelry which is famous for its uniqueness and style. The traditional Indian jewelry becomes the obvious choice for any traditional or auspicious occasion. It provides a very royal and ethnic look to a person thus blending traditional look with the modern times.

The Indian ornaments have become popular in not just the Indian sub continent but also the world over. Their vast variety makes sure that there is one special ornament/jewelry for every occasion! These ornaments can be worn individually or can be combined with each other in accordance to the attire and the occasion. The uniqueness combined with the traditional quality and styling is what makes the Indian jewelry stand out among all other types of jewellery.

Anklets are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn around the ankle. They are popularly known as "Payal" or "Pajeb" and are worn by kids as well as young and old women. The Indian anklets are very famous over the world and are reputed for their beautiful carvings, embellishments, and countless styles.

Armlet Jewelry
Armlets are traditional forms of jewelry that have become very trendy these days. In ancient times, armlets were worn by both men as well as women with the sole aim of looking beautiful. The armlets were made of crude metal in shapes of creepers, snakes, and crocodiles.

Known as a universal fashion accessory, Bangles are worn by women of any age group irrespective of race, caste, religion, etc. Bangles are considered to be traditional jewelry in India and are known as "Chudi". Typically, a bangle is worn in the arms and it adorns the area between the elbow and the wrist.

One of the most versatile forms of jewelry is undoubtedly the bracelet. Worn by both men and women, bracelets add grace and charm to any outfit. They make a bold fashion statement and also look traditional with ethnic outfits. Available in a variety of designs, bracelets can be worn for any occasion or even for daily wear.

One of the most common forms of fashion jewelry that is worn by both men and women are earrings. These ornaments have been worn by mostly women since ancient times. When civilization started all over the world, the concept of self adornment caught and people used animal bones and wood as jewellery.

Filigree Jewelry
Indian filigree jewelry is a very unique style of jewelry. Antique filigree work was done many centuries back in India and was popularly known as "Tarkashi". The filigree jewelry is mainly done on silver. There is a lot of technicality and precision involved in filigree work.

Finger Rings
Finger rings have always remained a favorite when it comes to selecting jewelry. Whether as a fashion accessory or traditional jewellery, finger rings have always fascinated both men and women alike. Known as "Angoothi" in India, these finger rings are available in a huge variety of designs and styles.

Jadau Work
The traditional art of the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the engraved jewelry is a very unique jewellery style. Also known by the names of "Jadau" and "Jadtar", this form of jewelry was introduced in India by the Mughals. The craftsmen of India picked up this art and made it popular and famous.

Kundan Jewelry
Kundan jewelry is a traditional jewelry that is exclusive to India. Available in different colors and designs, Indian Kundan jewellery is fast catching up as one of the trendiest ornaments. The gold used in making Kundan jewelry is of a very refined quality.

A very integral part of the Indian weddings, particularly Hindu marriages, Mangalsutra is a jewelry that symbolizes a married woman. Tying of the Mangalsutra by the groom is the most important ritual in a marriage and is known as "Mangalya Dharanam".

Meenakari jewelry is a very famous form of jewelry in India. Preferred by numerous Indian families as traditional jewelry, Meenakari is very different from other types of jewelry. The art of Meena work came to India with the arrival of the Mughals.

One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry is the necklace. Available in a variety of designs and styles, the Indian necklace is a must have in one's trousseau. The Indian necklace has a lot of traditional and sentimental value attached to it.

Nose Rings
Nose rings are another form of jewelry that is quite popular in Indian tradition. Though they are popular here, their origin was in the Middle East. In India, the trend of wearing nose rings as jewellery came with the arrival of the Mughals. Nose rings and nose pins are popularly known as "Nath" in India and are also known by other names such as Nathni, Koka and Laung.

An elegant yet simple piece of jewelry is definitely the pendant. Also gaining momentum as a fashion jewellery and accessory, pendants can be worn with a simple thin chain, a necklace or even earrings and watches. Indian pendants come in a variety of styles and designs.

Toe Rings
Toe rings are traditional Indian jewelry that is worn in the toes by Indian women. Though usually married women wear toe rings, these days even young girls who are unmarried wear toe rings as fashion accessories. Popularly known as "Bichua", toe rings come in a variety of designs and styles.

Waistband Jewelry
One of the most unique jewelry in India is the waistband. Popularly known by the names of "Kamarband" or "Tagdi", the Indian waistband is a beautiful piece of ornament that is worn around the waist and it rests delicately just below the waistline.