Given here is information on Indian engraved jewelry. Read about Jadau jewellery of India.

Engraved Jewelry

Engraved Jewelry
Indian Names: Jadau work, Jadtar

The traditional art of the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the engraved jewelry is a very unique jewellery style. Also known by the names of "Jadau" and "Jadtar", this form of jewelry was introduced in India by the Mughals. The craftsmen of India picked up this art and made it popular and famous. Today, it is a thriving industry which attracts buyers from all over the world. Engraved jewellery is considered to be a traditional jewelry of India and is used in many traditional and auspicious occasions like marriages and festival celebrations.

The Jadau jewelry is basically jewelry in which precious and semi precious stones, gems, crystals and beads are embedded. The jewelry on which the stones and gems are to be set is melted a bit. When the gold becomes pliable, the stones are set on it with great precision and artistry. After that, it is allowed to cool down and the stones, gems, etc. get fixed on it without any adhesive or carvings. These days, Jadau is done on not just jewelry but also jewelry boxes and delicate showpieces.