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A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Aquarius in 2015.

Aquarius Horoscope 2015

For the naturally ambitious and curious Aquarian, the year 2015 will be an eventful one. The precarious positions of Rahu, Ketu, and Jupiter foretell that this year will throw up several challenges and opportunities and thus you should be well-prepared in advance. This will be a very exciting year for you as you might get the chance to realize a long-held dream of yours though you will be required to make certain sacrifices and put in lots of efforts. Aquarians, be warned�this year is in no way going to be an easy one. You face the risks of accidents, health issues and financial problems. Thus it is important that you maintain your inner peace and connect with yourself spiritually in order to tackle the upcoming difficulties. Along with challenges, this year will also provide you with ample scope for self-development and growth.

Romance: If you are single and looking for a relationship, 2015 is the ideal time to do so. The first half of the year may not be very favourable on the romantic front, but things will stabilize and lead you to the relationship of your dreams as the year draws to a close.

Career: This will be a very active year on the professional front. You will meet new people and get the chance to establish profitable professional connections. Those working in sales and customer service will experience a growth in their career.

The first month of the year will be challenging for you. Unexpected financial issues may crop up and this month might prove to be an expensive one. The charts indicate chances of medical expenses. Thus take good care of your health and also be careful while traveling as you also face the risk of accidents. Aquarians are competitive by nature and will do well in exams.

You will be affected by unfavorable astrological influences in February 2015. You have to remain alert and cautious to avoid getting into troubles of any sort. The charts indicate that you might get involved in disputes and arguments. So maintain your cool and try to avoid such situations. Family problems are also likely to occur and you may face financial difficulties. Please do not enter into any risky venture.

After facing two difficult months, March may offer you some respite. You might be surprised by some unexpected financial gains and earn a much-deserved award, especially if you work in the media field. Aquarians are advised to maintain close relations with their mothers as her support will go a long way in helping you. Be warned about getting involved in property disputes with your brothers. Take care of your health with a proper diet and exercise.

April will be a lucky month for Aquarians! Your good luck will protect you from financial troubles and help you coping with personal issues. You should not engage in risky ventures, and try to maintain your calm even when the going gets tough. According to astrological predictions you are at risk for stomach infections. Thus, you should be careful about your diet. Overall you will feel more confident and positive about the future.

The month of May will be a time of positive changes in your life. You will find yourself bolder and braver. You will get all the respect and adulation you deserve from the society and your career will be on an upswing. This is a good time for family relations and your relationship with your life partner will improve. Charts predict foreign travel for you. However, health issues may persist so you are advised to take good care of yourself.

June will be both challenging and fruitful for you. Your earnings for the month will increase, but there is also a good chance that you might face unexpected expenditure. Your health, as well as the health of your mother will be of concern to you. You may feel tense and fearful in this month. You are advised to be brave and take the challenges in your stride.

The astrology charts for Aquarius predict a difficult time. People with children may face issues related to the well-being of their offspring. You are advised to avoid traveling in this month as it will not be productive. You may be upset and disheartened, but try to maintain your calm. Spiritual endeavors will help you in controlling your anger and maintaining inner peace.

This month will find yourself in a confused state of mind. Your mind will be cluttered with thoughts and you may have problems thinking clearly. There is an increased chance for disputes and legal hassles which may send your expenses spiraling out of control. Marital issues may occur between you and your spouse, and your health might suffer. This will be a difficult month but you can face the challenges with a positive outlook in life.

You will be interested in religious endeavors and socialize more with like-minded people whose guidance will benefit you. This is a period of financial instability, thus you are advised not to take any major financial decision without due considerations. Your relationship with your father will improve and he will provide you with some much-needed support.

This will be a good time for those who are looking to get married. You are likely to meet the love of your life and tie the knot. Those who are already married will experience improved relationship with their better half. Aquarians will get lucky in October, but they should still not take uncalculated risks. However, there is an increased risk of accidents, so be careful while driving or traveling.

Get ready to receive some good news in November 2015! Your children will make you proud with their achievements and your spouse will be supportive this month. Overall, your family relations will improve and this will be a happy time for your whole family. On the flip side, your health will be delicate and even a small issue can escalate into a major one if care is not taken.

You have to be very cautious during December�the chances of an accident or illness are very high. You might also be blamed for something that was no fault of yours. Familial disputes with your father or son may arise and this might rob your peace of mind. Do not embark on a long journey or undertake new business ventures. Take care of your health and face life with patience and courage.