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The relationship of a Taurus and an Aquarian shows decent levels of compatibility. Read about Aquarius Taurus love match.

Taurus Aquarius Compatibility

A Taurus individual believes in practicality and simplicity. His approach towards life is down-to-earth, conventional and sensible. On the other extreme, we have Aquarius, who is always going against the norms and believes in taking a contemporary and progressive approach. The Bull is against change, he likes things just as they are. The Water Bearer prefers to change with the changing times and be in tune with the world around him. Though this may not lead to major issues, the love match may encounter some unnecessary compatibility problems.

The Taurean stubbornness combines with the Aquarian rigidity may lead to some major problems. The Bull may also find it difficult adjusting to the Water Bearer's new and unusual ideas. There is no dearth of determination in both of them and once they set their mind to something, it is no longer a dream. But, there may be problems when the Aquarian becomes unpredictable or wants to be left alone. The possessiveness and jealousy of the Bull may be too much for him to handle. If they manage to sort out the differences, this relationship can turn out to be very strong.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman
The love match between a Taurus man and an Aquarian woman does not have too much chances of compatibility. At the initial stages of the relationship, it may feel as if they have much in common. However, as they move ahead in life, they may start coming across differences. His conventional ideas will clash with her radical ways and her gregarious nature may make him feel jealous. Both of them have a strong determination and a battle of wills is very common in such a match. They will have to learn to bend by turns and let the other partner take the lead.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man
Taurus woman has her own ideas about life, which she will not change for anyone else. Aquarius man prefers to stick to his philosophies and habits. At the same time, this relationship has some positive sides too. He can teach her how to toss around the serious aspects of life once in a while and indulge in fun. He can excite her, interest her and make her laugh. She, on the other hand, can bring some stability to his wild and reckless nature. As long as they can manage to subdue their stubborn will in favor of one other, this relationship has chances of succeeding.