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The relationship of a Sagittarius & an Aquarius is likely to have good Compatibility. Read about Aquarius-Sagittarius love match.

Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility

A Sagittarius and an Aquarius are so much alike that the compatibility of their love match seems to be something very natural. Both of them are very outgoing, love to socialize and have a penchant for adventure. Fun is something without which they cannot live and being carefree is embedded in their nature. They love to keep up with the current trends, whether in literature or art or politics or fashion. The Archer, however, is more philosophical than the Water Bearer and unlike him; he likes to have a sense of purpose.

Neither a Sagittarius, nor an Aquarius is too emotional or sentimental and if this is not taken care of, the partners may drift apart. In the relationship between a Sagittarian and an Aquarian, both the individuals get their much-desired freedom and can easily retain their independence. Though there are some differences in their temperaments, they are no so great as to threaten their long-term compatibility. They have intellectual and soul-satisfying conversations and will grow in each other intelligence.

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman
Lasting happiness is the most likely result of a love match between a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman. The chemistry between the two is excellent and the understanding, just perfect. Both of them want variety in their life and will be able to give what the other person desires. He will help her fully cultivate her creativity, and she will stimulate him intellectually. They will never fall short of conversation and will cherish and love each other as long as they live. All in all, a very good match!

Sagittarius Woman and Aquarius Man
A Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man are likely to find true love and happiness in one another. She loves her freedom as much as he does and this is what will attract him to her. The clinginess, which he finds in most of the women, doesn't even touch her. There will be no dearth of passion in this relationship, but there will be no dependence. They will love each other, but will never feel the need for too much reliance. His love for life and his enthusiasm is so like hers that together, their life will be like a roller coaster ride, always full of fun.