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This section throws light on the relationship compatibility of Gemini sun sign. Explore love compatibility of Geminis.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini individuals occupy the third place in the zodiac. They are born under the sign of 'The Twins' and in accordance with their symbol, they always display dual personalities. They will be gay and happy one moment, somber and solemn the second and extremely nervous and fidgety, the very next. Mercury instills in them traits like versatility, adaptability, inconsistency and impatience. Geminis talk a lot, but their conversation will rarely be idle.

They are clever individuals, who are always in search of metal stimulation. However, it is very difficult for them to remain interested in particular topic or a particular person for too long. They get on well with people and are pretty good with words. Commitment-phobic individuals, Geminis find it difficult to settle down. As far as the love and relationship compatibility of Gemini sun sign is concerned, it clicks well with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries zodiac.

Gemini Aries Compatibility
Aries and Gemini individuals have much in common and will find only a few problems in case of compatibility. Both of them love to enjoy life and are always on the verge of doing something new.

Gemini Taurus Compatibility
Taurus individuals move ahead in life, with a steady, measured pace. They are never in a hurry to reach anywhere and have a great degree of stability. These Taurean traits go completely opposite the personality of a Gemini.

Gemini Gemini Compatibility
When a Gemini gets together with another Gemini, the result is never-ending fun and energy. Both the individuals are witty, humorous, adventurous and talkative. They love change and variety and sticking to one thing makes them too impatient and bored.

Gemini Cancer Compatibility
The zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer do not have much in common with one another. And some of these differences make both the individuals complement each other.

Gemini Leo Compatibility
A Gemini individual will find much in common with a person born under the Leo zodiac sign. Both of them love to have fun, have an adventurous nature and enjoy life.

Gemini Virgo Compatibility
Gemini individuals are quite intelligent, rational, practical, and see the world just as it is. One can find all these traits in a Virgo too. There will be a good rapport between both the individuals, especially at the intellectual level.

Gemini Libra Compatibility
Gemini individuals usually share a very good rapport with Librans. Both of them love people and huge gatherings. They like to converse with people and be a part of the crowd.

Gemini Scorpio Compatibility
A Gemini and a Scorpio are like two ends of the same pole. They are totally opposite to one another in almost all the aspects of their personality, making this zodiac match a difficult one.

Gemini Sagittarius Compatibility
A Gemini individual is as interested in the various aspects of life as a Sagittarius. Both are very restless and are, almost, forever on the move. They find it difficult to stick to one place or one person for too long.

Gemini Capricorn Compatibility
A Gemini and a Capricorn have very different approaches towards life and can, more often than not, be found moving in opposite directions. The Goat prefers to move ahead in a systematic manner, as per certain pre-determined plans.

Gemini Aquarius Compatibility
Gemini and Aquarius expect almost the same out of life. They also have similar outlooks in life and this contributes greatly to their relationship compatibility. Even on the intellectual level, both of them share an excellent rapport.

Gemini Pisces Compatibility
A Gemini is as much open to new ideas and opinions as a Piscean. Both of them are quite adaptable and flexible, ready to make adjustments. Neither has the trait of sticking to one's own opinions and totally ignoring the viewpoints of other people.