Given here is information on Cancer Aquarius relationship compatibility. Know about love match of Aquarius & Cancer zodiacs.

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

A Cancerian is very emotional, extremely attached to his family and very vulnerable. An Aquarian, on the other hand, is friendly with everyone, but closely attached to almost no one. His tastes, interests as well as his friends vary too much, too soon. He is not too attached to his home also. The Crab needs intimacy, the Water Bearer needs freedom and independence. The feelings of the former are quite vulnerable and he needs constant love, attention and assurance to feel secure, which is hardly the latter zodiac sign's cup of tea.

The love match will have to face a lot of problems, since both of them will find it very difficult to understand each other. If looked at in a positive way, an Aquarius can teach a Cancer how to become a little detached from everything and at times, use the head instead of the heart. The Cancer can teach him some compassion as well as the art of making the other person feel special. They just need to understand that they are different individuals, who may not have the same traits and can differ from each other.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman
The depth sought by a Cancer man in a relationship can rarely be provided by an Aquarius woman. She is quite impersonal and prefers to keep everything on the surface level. She seeks an intellectual mate, with whom she can talk for hours. He wants a woman, who can understand him, love him and cuddle with him when he feels dejected with the world. He will demand more attention and she will feel she has already given him too much of that. Though his passion may attract, the long-term compatibility remains to be seen.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man
The relationship needs of an Aquarian man are totally opposite from that of a Cancerian woman. He will find her constant need for love, attention and security too much to live with. She will find his excessive need for freedom as a sign of detachment. His over-friendly nature and too many friends - of both sexes - will make her feel insecure and he will never even realize it. Her emotions will clash with his intellectual thinking and everything will go haywire. Go for this match only if you are ready to have a flexible mind and make lots of adjustments.