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Indian astrology, known as Jyotish, is one of the six branches of Vedanga. Read on to get information on the Vedic/Hindu astrology of India.

Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is also known by the name of Jyotish or Jyotisha astrology, Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology. It is an ancient system through which the movements of the celestial bodies are studied, along with the divisions of time dependent thereon. Indian Jyotish astrology is one of the six branches of Vedanga, the secondary disciplines of the Vedic religion. It revolves around the visible or sidereal zodiac, which is totally different from the tropical zodiac of the western astrology.

In case of sidereal zodiac, an ayanamsa adjustment is made to ensure the gradual precession of the vernal equinox. However, Hindu astrology does make use of the tropical zodiac, but only for predicting the course of nature. It has been present in the Indian subcontinent since the ancient times, becoming much like a part of a continuous holistic approach to living. Infact, it seems to be a fundamental practice that has originated from the ancient spiritual customs of India.

The main aim behind the practice of Indian astrology is to provide human beings with a system through which they can appreciate the function as well as the illustration of karma in individual and communal life. The school of Vedic astrology developed on its own and ended up having an influence on all the schools in and around India. Since it helps in analyzing both the exceptional reality as well as knowledge, it is believed to be the instructional element of the Rig Veda.

Jyotish astrology is a part of the larger Vedic curriculum, which comprises of mathematics, architecture, medical and military applications. As per Jyotish, the planets are nothing but grahas, which have an influence on the life of a human being. Hindus believe that good and bad things that happen in the present life of an individual are the result of his karma in the previous life. Indian astrology is like a tool that helps in understanding how a particular planet is leading to hardships in life. Then, religious ceremonies are performed to alleviate or avoid the pain.

Indian Astrology Signs
An imaginary belt or band of constellations, the sidereal zodiac of the Indian astrology is of 360 degrees and stands divided into twelve equal parts. Each of the twelve parts, made of 30 deg, is known as an astrological sign or rashi. The twelve zodiacal signs in Indian astrology, along with their symbols and western names, are: