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Given here is information on the relationship compatibility of Leo-Aquarius love match. Explore Aquarius-Leo sign compatibility.

Leo Aquarius Compatibility

Though an Aquarius does not share all his personality traits with a Leo, the relationship compatibility between the two zodiac signs is pretty decent. The Water Bearer loves the warmth, generosity and vivacity of the Lion, while the latter is impressed with the individuality, intellect and confidence of the former. Though both of them are quite different from one another, they manage to impress as well as attract each other. Both the individuals love their social life and, more often than not, end up being the center of attention.

On the personal front, a Leo desires much more intensity in a relationship than an Aquarian. However, if viewed in a positive way, this trait can be more complementing than conflicting. This is because the Water Bearer can teach the Lion to take things atleast a bit casually and he in turn, can teach the former to be a bit more serious towards life. The initial attraction in this love match will be good and the chemistry will be great. They just need to control their ego and refrain from being too strong-headed.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman
If the love match between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman has to survive beyond the initial days of attraction, efforts will have to be put in. This is because he gets too attached and she remains too detached. Both of them need to walk a bit towards each other. He will have to respect her freedom and individuality and she will have to understand his need for closeness. He is concerned about himself, and she, about the whole world. They will have to find a middle ground from which to work.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man
Leo woman will have to make an Aquarius man see marriage as a union and not bondage. She will have to tie him down in a relationship and at the same time, not curb his free spirit. He will have to make sure to give her the warmth and coziness she desires so much and boost her ego every now and then, through compliments. Criticism should be kept at bay and the efforts should be directed at understanding each other. His eccentricity, combined with her powerful attitude, would never ever let monotony enter this relationship.