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This section has been devoted to the relationship compatibility of Taurus sun sign. Explore Taurean zodiac's love compatibility.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is the second sun sign of the zodiac and is represented by 'The Bull'. A Taurean individual is very quiet, gentle, understanding, down-to-earth and compassionate. However, he has one major flaw - he is stubborn. And this trait plays as a spoil sport in the relationship compatibility of the zodiac with a number of sun signs. A Taurus person knows how to appreciate as well as enjoy the finer things in life and is a cautious with money.

His strong determination, stability and will power attract people to him. A Taurean loves his home and prefers to spend maximum amount of his there only. He is a little bit reserved and likes to stick to his small group of close friends. However, when in love, Taureans may become too possessive and jealous, leading to some differences with their partners. In this section, we have provided information on the compatibility of the Taurus sun sign with other zodiacs.

Taurus Aries Compatibility
An Aries is always in a hurry and has to do everything right now. On the other hand, a Taurean takes his own sweet time to fully understand a situation, form a definite opinion and then, take a particular course of action.

Taurus Taurus Compatibility
People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus display the qualities of consistency, dependability and commitment. They are extremely dedicated individuals, who love nature and its beauty.

Taurus Gemini Compatibility
Taurus individuals move ahead in life, with a steady, measured pace. They are never in a hurry to reach anywhere and have a great degree of stability. These Taurean traits go completely opposite the personality of a Gemini.

Taurus Cancer Compatibility
Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs have many similar personality traits, which can great enhance the compatibility in their relationship. Both of them are sensitive individuals, who enjoy simple things in life and love to spend some cozy moments with each other in a calm and composed ambiance.

Taurus Leo Compatibility
The Taurean quality of stubbornness is also a part of the characteristics profile of a Leo. Both of them have a strong determination and stick to a decision once they have made it.

Taurus Virgo Compatibility
Taurus and Virgo zodiac signs have a number of common traits, which make them compatible to quite an extent. Both of them are quite practical in their approach towards life.

Taurus Libra Compatibility
A Taurus as well as a Libra tries to stay as far away from conflicts as possible. They want a life that is full of peace and harmony and devoid of any unnecessary discords.

Taurus Scorpio Compatibility
There are absolute chances of a strong magnetic attraction between the two zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio. At the intellectual level, however, both the individuals are less likely to find a common platform.

Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility
Taurus and Sagittarius share some common qualities and some completely contrasting personality traits. The Archer loves to go out, party, travel and socialize with new people.

Taurus Capricorn Compatibility
Taurus as well as Capricorn believes in a practical approach towards life. Both of them see the life as it is and live in the real world. As far as the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life are concerned, they show great compatibility.

Taurus Aquarius Compatibility
A Taurus individual believes in practicality and simplicity. His approach towards life is down-to-earth, conventional and sensible. On the other extreme, we have Aquarius, who is always going against the norms and believes in taking a contemporary and progressive approach.

Taurus Pisces Compatibility
A Taurus as well as a Pisces individual has an understanding attitude, laid-back personality and amiable disposition. They love to maintain harmony in their relationships.