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Capricorn Aquarius love match will need lots of efforts from both sides. Read about Aquarius-Capricorn relationship compatibility.

Capricorn Aquarius Compatibility

At best, a Capricorn and an Aquarius can beautifully complement each other. At worst, they can clash almost every minute of the time they are together. It will depend on where they benefit from each others contrasting qualities or collide because of them. A Capricorn is very practical, impartial, diligent, consistent and firm in his approach towards life. An Aquarian is creative, skillful and sensitive to recent drifts and has the ability to understand the minutiae of a situation. Both of them can complement each other perfectly in their career.

The problem is that they may become so much involved in the other things that they may forget to give due attention to their love relationship and its compatibility. This may lead to a lack of warmth, emotionality and romance in their love match. They may start becoming detached and aloof. On the personal front, they will require quite a few adjustments. The Water Bearer will have to control his 'friendly' nature a bit and try to understand the Goat's family ties. The latter will have to bring some adventure and enthusiasm into the relation.

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman
The love match of a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman will require lots of compromises. Her self-confidence and poise will attract him initially. But soon, he will start finding her free spirit too much to handle. She, on the other hand, will find too dominating and will struggler to maintain her independence and freedom. But, she will also respect the determination and resolve with which he pursues his goal. Even then, there is too much dissimilarity to make this relationship smooth without any efforts on both the sides.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man
The match between a Capricorn woman and an Aquarius man has more chances of succeeding as friendship, than as love relationship. He is very outgoing and loves socializing with people, of both the sex. This may take away some security out of this relationship. She is too cautious and too conventional too understand his constant need for adventure. Even his unpredictability is going to tire her, sooner or later. But, if they manage to accept the differences as complementing, the sailing can definitely be the smoothest ever.