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Horoscope astrology revolves around horoscopes i.e., two-dimensional diagrams of the universe. Explore horoscopic astrology.

Horoscope Astrology

The system of horoscope astrology is developed in the Mediterranean region, specifically Hellenistic Egypt. A precise and intricate system, it dates back to the late 2nd or early 1st century BC. In this tradition of astrology, the emphasis is on the two-dimensional diagrams of the universe, known as horoscopes, which are drawn for some definite moments in time. The horoscopes are used to study the position of celestial bodies at that specific moment and then deduce some meaning from it.

However, the diagrams, the position as well as the meaning are ascertained on the basis of a predetermined set of rules and guidelines. Usually, a horoscope is prepared for the moment when an individual is born. However, it can also be made at the beginning of an enterprise or event, to have an idea about its probable outcome. Horoscopic astrology is quite different from the other types of astrology, as it is based on the calculation of Eastern horizon's degree, rising against the backdrop of the ecliptic at a specific moment, known as the ascendant.

Horoscope astrology revolves around the calculation of an astrological chart, known as the horoscope. It is basically a two-dimensional diagram, which helps in ascertaining the position of the celestial bodies, on the basis of the given time and location on earth. In astrology, a horoscope stands divided into twelve different celestial houses, each of them governing a different area of life. Simple arithmetic and geometrical calculation are done to find the apparent positions of heavenly bodies on desired dates and times, based on astronomical tables.

In the ancient Hellenistic astrology, the first celestial house of a horoscope used to be defined by the ascendant. Indian, Medieval and most of the modern Western traditions of astrology have originated from Hellenistic astrology only. However, in the modern times, the astrological chart is referred to as a whole. Horoscopic astrology has been one of the most influential as well widespread forms of astrology across the world, especially in Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East.

Branches of Horoscopic Astrology
Horoscopic astrology basically comprises of four branches, each of them having a specific purpose. All these branches make use of a unique set of techniques or core principles, to a different field. Numerous subsets and applications of astrology are based on the four main branches.