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In this section, we have covered love compatibility of zodiac signs. Check out free astrological match of every sun sign.

Sun Sign Compatibility

There are twelve sun signs that make up the entire zodiac. All these signs have different personalities, different characteristics, different elements and different qualities. These differences mean that a particular sun sign becomes perfectly compatible with only a few other astrological signs. In case of all the zodiac signs, the chances of compatibility are comparatively quite less. Now, you must be thinking how to know which signs are you compatible with and which are completely opposite to your personality.

Don't worry; we are here at your service. In this section, we have provided information about the compatibility between different zodiac signs. With the help of such information, you will be able to know which astrological signs gel well with your nature. At the same time, you will be able to know why you never get on well with a few individuals. Along with that, there is also information on the perfect love match for each and every sun sign. Read and explore the world of zodiac signs and their compatibility.

Aries sun sign is the first sign of the zodiac, which represents the infant. Just like an infant, the world of an Aries individual revolves around himself. His needs have to be fulfilled before anyone else's. He has an individual identity and cannot sacrifice his freedom for anything else.

Taurus is the second sun sign of the zodiac and is represented by 'The Bull'. A Taurean individual is very quiet, gentle, understanding, down-to-earth and compassionate. However, he has one major flaw - he is stubborn. And this trait plays as a spoil sport in the relationship compatibility of the zodiac with a number of sun signs.

Gemini individuals occupy the third place in the zodiac. They are born under the sign of 'The Twins' and in accordance with their symbol, they always display dual personalities. They will be gay and happy one moment, somber and solemn the second and extremely nervous and fidgety, the very next. Mercury instills in them traits like versatility, adaptability, inconsistency and impatience.

The first water sign of the zodiac astrology, Cancer imparts sensitivity to the individuals born in July. They are extremely emotional and deeply attached to their family. They are totally risk-averse and prefer to follow a wait-and-watch policy. When in love, they are very loving, caring and thoughtful. They expect the same from their partners and get very hurt in case of the opposite.

The people born under the Leo zodiac sign are very proud of themselves and display traits like strong will power, determination and courage. They love to be noticed, admired and appreciated and practically thrive on flattery. They always portray a 'larger-than-life' image and extremely generous by nature.

A Virgo individual is a perfectionist. He has to be perfect in everything he does and expects the same from others too. Everything and everyone around him has to go through his critical gaze. He is never every shy of openly expressing his criticism and disapproval. At the same time, a Virgo is very practical, extremely organized and totally down-to-earth.

A Libra individual seeks a partner who can make him feel complete and bring out the best in him. His kind of partner needs to have lots and lots of patience, since he takes a lot of time to arrive at a conclusion and take a decision. He has to analyze each and other aspect of situation, weigh its pros and cons and then, finally determine which side to be on.

The most magnetic, the most mystifying and the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is as gentle as any other sensitive person. The only fault of his is that he never lets it show. He always has that haughty and strong demeanor, which never ever lets people know how caring and generous he is on the inside.

Sagittarians are freedom-loving individuals, who love to explore, enjoy and have fun. They are very warm, loving, caring as well as affectionate. They love to meet new people, mingle in the crowd and party a lot. However, Sagittarius individuals have a major negative quality - at times, they pass a comment on a person without considering how the other person will feel about it.

Capricorn zodiac sign represents strength, perseverance, reliability and dependability. A Capricorn individual has lots of determination and work towards their goal, slowly and gradually, and like the tortoise, always ends up winning the race. He is extremely responsible and carries all his duties with utmost sincerity.

One of the most incomprehensible signs of the zodiac, Aquarius comes across as too far away from the rest of the people. The world in which he lives is the world of tomorrow. People may not take him much seriously in the present, but as the future approaches, they will realize how right he was. An Aquarius individual is an explorer, he loves to explore people, their feelings and know their innermost desires.

Pisces, the sign of 'The Fish', is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Since it is the last sign of the zodiac, it has some qualities of all the other eleven sun signs. This is one of the major reasons why it is very difficult to understand a Piscean. However, you explore a little deeper and you will find that he is a very shy individual, who likes is introspective of every small, little incident and has a cautious attitude towards life.