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The love compatibility between two Aquarius zodiac signs is given here. Read about Aquarius-Aquarius relationship.

Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

An Aquarius individual is very outgoing, friendly and socially active. He is one of those people who count every second person as their friend. In a love match where both the partners belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign, there will be lots of fun, adventure and excitement. Both the individuals love freedom and will respect each other's individuality. An Aquarian often feels the need to remain alone for some time, away from the chaos of people. Who can be a better partner to understand this loneliness than a fellow Aquarius?

The relationship between two Aquarians has little chances of too much intensity, as both of them are frivolous by nature. They do not take much effort to go beneath the surface and are likely to maintain a superficial relationship. However, two Aquarians will share a great mental rapport and unlikely to fall short of an intelligent conversation ever. Though the relationship will not be very warm or passionate, it will be very friendly, extremely comfortable and without the typical traits of jealousy and possessiveness.

Though the partners in this zodiac match are unpredictable, this trait has all the chances of frustrating them both. Sooner or later, it is bound to result in compatibility problems. Though on the outside, this partnership looks very compatible as well as pleasant, it can turn problematic very easily. If both the individuals manage to compromise a little with each other, then, this love match can become one of the most fulfilling as well as most enjoyable matches of the zodiac.

The chemistry between two Aquarius individuals is extremely great. Both of them are very practical, very realistic and go by logic rather than emotions. They share the same outlook towards life and are totally independent. So, neither of them will have to worry about the relationship turning too clingy. They will understand each other well, but the similar negative traits they share may lead to major compatibility problems. In such a case, either of the two will have to bend or the result will be disastrous.