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Shopping in Guwahati never ceases to be a boring activity. To know more about the top shopping destinations in Guwahati, check out the following write-up.

Shopping In Guwahati

Even after years of insurgence and political upheavel, Guwahati's magical aura remains intact and continues to woo every visiting tourists. Shopping is equally enjoyable here and no traveler risks to leave the city without buying memorable souvenirs like bamboo and cane products, jute bags and local handicrafts. Travel in tuk tuks and enjoy the sights of interesting paths such as Kolpotoru (Pan Bazaar), GS Road, Uzan Bazaar among others. To feel the vibes of diverse crowd and spot some exciting curios, hit the famous GR Road that stretches between Ganeshguri area and Paltan Bazaar. Restaurants lined on this lane serves authentic Assamese dishes like 'masor tenga', 'pithas' and 'bah gos' dishes that just can't be missed out. And yes, do dig into the ever famous momos that will surely delight your taste buds from the local eateries in the town. Besides the pleasant cultural landscape, the people here are non-interfering and cooperative. To know what to buy and to find out more about the top tourism shopping destinations in Guwahati, read the article further.

Shopping Places In Guwahati

GS Road
Guwahati's main shopping hub is Guwahati Shillong Road aka G.S. Road. Hip and happening crowd, local inhabitants and tourists throng the malls like HUB, The Cube, Dona Planet, Sohum Shoppe and others located here. The place, situated 15km off the city, is the best spot to go hunting for the best shopping deals. As one strolls along the road, one can sight a string of interesting shops and complexes selling all kinds of things.

Fancy Bazaar
Fancy Bazaar crammed up with tiny shops is the right place to halt over to buy exotic silk fabric, handmade toys and handloom products. Also, check out the cane and bamboo products, decorative items and wall hangings on this street. If you are feeling weary carrying your shopping bags, then head out to the small eateries that serve steamy momos along with some hot refreshing tea. This happening place is situated near to the Central Railway Station in Guwahati.

Pan Bazaar
This street is one of the important landmarks in Guwahati and almost everything can be found in this single lane shopping avenue. Accessories, jewelries, clothes, foot wears, furniture can be purchased from the shops set up here. Also, if you happen to be a book lover, then head out to the libraries that houses a mind-boggling collection of great novels and rare books. Hunt for noted restaurants like Sunflower, Kalyanee, Reboti's, US Pizza, Ashoka, etc to savor mouth-watering delicacies. This market is not just a meeting point for young lovers but even business men turn up and find themselves a place in the restaurants or coffee shops to discuss important things with their fellow mates.

Uzan Bazaar
Uzan Bazaar peppered with many tourism attractions is frequently visited by tourists and shopaholics. The Maas Ghat or the fish port nestled here is a favorite among fish lovers. This ever-crowded place is full of action and the fish sellers can be seen shouting at the top of their voices and wooing consumers to buy fresh river fishes. Uzanbozar, one of the major places of this Bazaar is also worth visiting. This area is filled with departmental stores, fruit shops, bakeries, retail shops, eateries and medical shops.

North East Network
This place located on J.N. Borooah Lane is a one-stop shop to buy artifacts and handloom products. Popular picks of this NGO shop are Mekhelas (Sarong-like gear), Mekhela Sador (Assamese gear), Dupattas, Stoles, Gamosa (Face Towels), Hankies, Sling bags, Cushion covers, Curtain Cloth and Table mats. Not just tourists but also local inhabitants come here to check out the wide variety of items. North East Network is kept open on all the days except on Saturdays and Sundays.