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A tour to North East India is incomplete without making a visit to Guwahati. Know more about the top tourist attractions in Guwahati in the following write-up.

Places To See In Guwahati

Guwahati, the light of the East, is adorned with sprawling tea gardens, fertile meadows and picturesque attractions. The right mix of perfect climate, mouth-watering Assamese cuisine and friendly people makes Guwahati one of the most preferred tourism spots in India. The mighty Brahmaputra River flowing all the way from Tibet is inseparable from Guwahati and undoubtedly remains one of the major highlights of the land. The ideal time to hit this quaint town is from October to April when the weather is pleasant. Unlike the other over-hyped tourism spots, Guwahati stays happily unadulterated and seems to be at ease with what it is. The shopping markets stretched over Guwahati however, tend to get a bit rackety with all the tourists and local inhabitants jamming it up. Besides mushy lovers and adventure lovers, even nature admirers and foreigners snuggle up here to experience the magical charm of Guwahati. To know more about the top tourism destinations in Guwahati, scroll down the article further.

Tourist Attractions In Guwahati

Kamakhya Temple
Perched atop the Neelachal Hill, Kamakhya Temple is the most revered shrine in the whole of Assam. This high seat of tantric worshippers attracts tons of devotees who flock to this sacred shrine to get the holy blessings of mother goddess. Although you can visit this site any time during the year, hitting the shrine during the sacred 'Ambubachi Mela' will open your eyes to a wide variety of tantric practices prevalent in the region.

Guwahati Zoo
Guwahati Zoo is flocked by thousands of tourists and adventure lovers each day. This natural zoo, situated 5km off the city, is a home to wild species including the rare one horned rhino, leopards, Himalayan black bear, Hoolock gibbon, and tigers. Also, check out the museum and a zoological garden housed within the Guwahati Zoo. The garden is colorful and filled with various types of orchards, herbs, shrubs, conifers and planted palms.

Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra
To get a peek into the culture and traditions of Assam, a visit to Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra is a must. This art complex has been named after the famous Vaishnava saint of Assam -- Srimanta Sankaradev. The cultural center has various interesting factors like the Sahitya Bhavan, theatre, the Artists Village, the Lalit-Kala Bhavan, and Central Museum among others. Also, enthrall yourself by watching a couple of cultural programs that takes place regularly in the theatre.

Navagraha Temple
Navagraha Temple, situated on the Citrasaala Hill is also referred to as the 'Abodes of Surya' in Guwahati. The smell of incense sticks and flowers fills up the atmosphere as soon as you step inside the temple. The shrine is devoted to the nine planetary gods - Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Sukra (Venus), Sani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. You can either walk by foot to reach the temple or hire the tuk tuks that easily climb up the steep hill.

Vasistha Ashram
Vasistha Ashram positioned amidst the lush greenery is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Guwahati. Built by the noted Ahom king, Raja Rajeswar, the ashram is surrounded by three noted rivers such as Sandhya, Kanta and Lalita. Tourists can be seen taking a dip in these waters in a bid to wash away their sins. Do visit the nearby Shiva temple that also happens to one of the major tourism spot.

Assam State Museum
Assam State Museum, centrally located in Guwahati, has a rich collection of historical and archaeological objects. The door of this wonderful tourism spot is thrown open on all the days from 10:00 to 16:30 hrs. Glance over the paintings, weapons, stone sculptures, weapons, wooden and bell-metal objects, etc that are kept on display here. If you want to take the snaps of the museum and its collection, then seeking prior permission from the museum authorities is essential.