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The leisurely life, the lovely weather and the welcoming people makes Guwahati one-of-its-kind of tourist destination. Read on to find out when to go to Guwahati and explore its bliss.

Best Time To Visit Guwahati

Set amidst green hilly terrains and skirted by rolling hills, Guwahati, the capital city of Assam has etched a unique status for itself in the country's map. Popularly deemed as the gateway of the northeast, this old city has evolved immensely over the past few years to become the hub of northeastern India. Posing as an impressive blend of colonial past and cosmopolitan culture, the city of Guwahati is truly a microcosm of indigenous tribes, entities, ethnicities and beliefs. The historical sites that dots the city takes you down across the pages of history and reveals the indelible impression that the earlier kings and dynasties engraved on this part of the land. A charming city gifted with lovely weather, friendly people and stunning food, a visit to Guwahati is truly an experience in itself. Adding to the glitz and glamour of the city is its shopping lanes that add to the thrill of any tourist visiting Guwahati. The regional specialties like handlooms, artifacts and other local items are a must-buy here. To explore more about the attractions of Guwahati, do hit the city during the right season of the year. Read the article below to find more information on best time to visit Guwahati.

When To Go To Guwahati

Situated on the banks of the mighty River Brahmaputra, Guwahati enjoys the bliss of all three seasons. The summer season, extending from March to June, is usually smoldering hot with temperature ranging from 220C to 380C. If you visit the place during summer, then do pack in enough light cotton clothes to avoid discomfort. The monsoons, lasting from July to August, brings relief from the blazing summers. Although the rampant showers bring life to the verdancies of the city, intense rainfall can at times leads to swamp and heavy deluge. During this time, the temperature remains moderate adding to the blissful ambiance of the city. Monsoon is followed by chilling days of winter, with temperature oscillating between 120C to 270C. The winters here are characterized by misty and foggy mornings and sporadic showers that adds to the winter chill of the place.

Best Time To Explore Guwahati
Although the weather here remains agreeable all throughout the year, to experience the best of the city, visit the place anytime between October to April. The scanty rainfall, moderate temperature, and other pleasant weather conditions makes the region look even more beautiful. Adding to the loveliness of the nature is the buoyant celebrations of the city that gives you a sneak-peek into the customs and traditions of Assam. The major festival the place - Bihu is celebrated with great pomp and joy and the customary Bihu dance just add to the spirit of the jubilation.

Things To Do
Being the major tourist hub of north-east India, Guwahati attracts huge number of tourists from around the world. Fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life, if you want to freshen up your mind, then Guwahati is the place to go. With a number of attractions to explore, you are likely to be bewildered when planning your itinerary here. From temples to monuments and from natural serene to archeological sites, you can choose from a host of interesting places. Some of the noted attractions of the city are Kamakhya Temple, Assam State Zoo, Sri Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple and Nabagraha Temple. Adding to this are the shopping destinations in the city that allures you with its artistic bucolic attractions that are renowned all over the world. Like any other places, the journey to Guwahati is incomplete without exploring the authentic taste of Assamese cuisine such as 'pabho fish', 'fish tenga' sand other non spicy affair.