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The holiest sanctum sanctorum of the Sikhs, Amritsar, boasts of a bevy of tourist attractions. Read further to know the places to see in Amritsar.

Places To See In Amritsar

The sanctified land of the Sikhs, which is an abode to the world famous Golden Temple, the holiest sanctum sanctorum for the Sikhs, is a delightful place to go and unravel the splendors of the place. Every year, millions of people throng to this holy city to take a look at the magnificent temple and tour the splendid city. Amritsar can be easily reached from any part of India since the city is well connected to all the major cities in the north. The local inhabitants predominantly speaking in Punjabi and Hindi are known for their friendly nature and generosity. If you are visiting in summer season, don't forget to gulp down on a chilled glass of butter-topped lassi that is available in almost all the shops. For compulsive shoppers, Amritsar offers a wide range of colorful knick-knacks, which are must-splurge items here. The picturesque spot, deeply rooted in rich tradition and culture, can be visited all through the year. Read further to know more about the top tourist attractions in Amritsar.

Tourist Attractions In Amritsar

Golden Temple
Golden Temple is indeed the holiest shrine and the biggest pride for the Sikhs. Also known as Harimandir Sahib or Sri Darbar Sahib, this gold plated temple sits elegantly on the lake of Amrit Sarovar. The temple entrance is punctuated by 4 doorways and the gorgeous shrine houses several other small temples. Though visitors are not charged any entrance fees, it's compulsory for them to remove their shoes and cover their heads with scarves before entering the divine premise.

Jallianwala Bagh
Jallianwala Bagh, situated close to the Golden temple, takes you back to the massacre of 1919, the year when thousands of Indians became hapless victims to the merciless killings that is considered to be one of the most horrible in the history of Indian freedom struggle. To commemorate those innocent victims, a memorial has been constructed at the site where the cruel incident took place. You can see a portion of the wall dotted with pellet marks and a martyr well. Jalianwala Bagh can be easily reached from the main city as there are many buses and rickshaws plying to the place.

Durgiana Mandir
Besides Golden Temple, Durgiana Mandir dedicated to Goddess Durga is another famous and most frequently visited tourist spot in Amritsar. Also referred to as Shree Durgiana Tirath or Sitla Mandir, the shrine is situated just outside the Lohgarh Gate. The striking architecture is similar to that of Golden temple and is both fascinating and unique. Durgiana Temple, setup amidst beautiful tank, houses wonderful paintings of Goddess Durga and various idols of other deities.

Wagah Border
Wagah Border, the name often surfacing on television channels and in newspapers, is an international borderline between India and Pakistan. Situated 26 km off Amritsar, the place is flanked by buildings, roads and barriers to mark both sides of the border. Evenings are pleasant and during this time, you can witness the vibrant retreat ceremony known as the 'lowering of the flags'. During this observance, you can see Pakistan Rangers Soldiers and Border Security Force of India march down the alley.

Rambagh Gardens
The enchanting Rambagh Gardens was once the summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab. Within the park, there is a museum that is a must-visit attraction of this place. Once you step inside the museum, you can see fascinating weapons that dates back to Mughal times, a replica of the diamond 'Kohinoor', paintings, manuscripts and many more other attractions. The garden also houses a magnificent statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh sitting on a horse. Visitors need to pay an entry fee of Rs. 10/- to get inside the tourism spot and explore the architectural marvel. Rambagh Gardens located in the new part of the town can be easily accessed from any part of Amritsar.