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Whether you wish to buy religious paraphernalia like kadas and khandas or binge on juttis and warian, Amritsar is the place to go. To know more on the shopping places in Amritsar, read on.

Shopping In Amritsar

The ever-bustling city of Amritsar, better deemed as the Mecca of the Sikhs, apart from being the holy abode to 'Harmandir Sahib' or the Golden Temple, is equally a big-name for its dazzling culture, vibrant festivities, thumping bhangra beats, finger-licking food, luscious lassis and lot's more. Although Amritsar cannot be tagged as a shopper's paradise, it nevertheless boasts of a plethora of goodies that cannot be bought from anywhere else. The teeming market lanes, glutted with shops selling exquisite 'durries', 'juttis', 'phulkaris', 'parandis', 'warian' and more, is a binge-treat for every shopaholic. What's more, the small shops put up near the Golden Temple are chockablock with lovely keepsakes and religious paraphernalia that are an absolute must-buy item here. Some of the other noted shopping destinations worth visiting are Kapda Bazaar, Mishri Bazaar, and Hall Bazaar among others. Read on to get a complete insight on the famous shopping places in Amritsar.

Shopping Places In Amritsar

Hall Bazaar
Hall Bazaar, one of the important shopping destinations in Amritsar, is a must-stop place for every curious shopper. From gadgets and gizmos to funky accessories to local handicrafts and more, this colorful bazaar promises a great experience to the shoppers. However, the major USP of this bustling bazaar is the fancy Chinese lamps and Pakistani juttis that are absolute must-splurge items of the place. What's more, if you feel famished after a day-long shopping spree, just head over to the nearby Mahajan Refreshment House that sells pure milk kulfis and falooda.

Guru Bazar
Guru Bazar, an age-old market, which has been in existence since time immemorial, has a wonderful assortment of silver and gold ornaments. This lane, sandwiched between Guru Ka Mahal and Golden Temple, has more than 2,500 shops. Women especially flock here to buy traditional jewelry and ornaments made out of precious and semi-precious stones. Besides jewelry, you can also find vendors selling gorgeous silver diyas, earthen lamps, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, etc.

Katra Jaimal Singh Market
Katra Jaimal Singh Market that is located close to Hall Bazaar is famous for its apparels. The market has a valuable collection of pashminas, saris, beaded dresses, wedding suits for men, designer shirts and ties, woodwork jewelry and handicraft items. Since the garments here are reasonably priced, people flock here to buy clothes in bulk.

Kapda Bazaar
Kapda Bazaar whose literal meaning means 'Clothes Market' is one place that bustles with buyers all the time. Situated near Town hall, the place buzzes with teenage girls and old ladies who are on a hunt for eye-catching apparels and jewelry. The shops are loaded with earrings, bindis, bracelets, Patiala suits, bangles, etc. Though mornings are thronged, it is during evenings when lovely ladies step out of their houses and hit this market in huge numbers.

Mishri Bazaar
This is the right place to halt over to buy dry fruits of different types. The vendors here claim that some of the varieties of dry fruits are flown from Afghanistan. During the time of auspicious occasions like marriages and other related functions, the sale of dry fruits peaks high.

Papad-Warian Bazaar
All papad (crispies or crackers) lovers must hit this bazaar that is laced with the rich aroma of papad and warian (made from pulses). Bags filled with fresh home-made papad and warian lures the tourists to buy and store them in their kitchens. Another good place to head out to buy Amritsari papads is Manjith Mandi. Not just foodies, even other local people and tourists come here to check out the wide range of papads.