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Although there is no inopportune time to visit Amritsar, planning your trip keeping the seasons in mind will save you travel glitches. To know more on when to go to Amritsar, scroll down the article below.

Best Time To Visit Amritsar

With a slew of attractions scattered all across the city lanes, the thriving city of Amritsar tots up as an amazing holiday destination for the globe-trotters. The world famous Golden Temple and the Amrit Sarovar surrounding the shrine attracts almost every tourist making a stopover at this place. Although the city is best known for its religious ardor, the vibrant traditions and culture of the place equally intrigues the visitors touring the land. Such is the charm of Amritsar. A visit to this place not only takes you through a spiritual ride but also reveals oodles about the bloodstained history of the place. A trip to this amazing city is indeed the best way to get up close to the shrines, monuments, folk arts and even yummy cuisines. To enjoy all these regional attractions, visiting the place at right time is very essential. To know more on best time to explore the authenticity of the Amritsar, go through the write-up below.

When To Go To Amritsar

Like all other cities in North Western India, Amritsar too experiences extreme climatic conditions. The summers here, lasting from April to June, remain extremely hot with temperature rising above 450C. Visiting the place during this season is not at all recommended. However, if you visit the place during summers, then take extreme precautions to save yourself from getting scorched down by the sun. The monsoons here, lasting from July to October, brings a welcoming relief from the sweaty and irritating summers. During this time, the city gets a fresh new look as it receives a good amount of rainfall. Although everything seems beautiful during monsoons, it isn't a favorable time to explore the city. The last season of the year, winter, extending from November to March is usually nippy with temperature fluctuating between 180C and 40C. Sometimes the temperature of the region falls below zero and can touch freezing levels of -40C.

Best Time To Explore Amritsar
Enjoy the genuine beauty of Amritsar by visiting the place anywhere between November and March, when the whole city seems to be swathed in an awesome climate. Away from the red hot irritating days and clumsy rainy seasons, a trip to this historical city during winters definitely makes for a memorable experience. Moreover, the number of religious festivals lined up during winters helps you get a glimpse of the traditions and culture of the people here. Among the noted festivals here, the Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrated during the months of October-November gets you up close to the customs and traditions of the city. Again in January, there is the Lohri festival that is celebrated with much pomp and show. Exploring the place from November to March surely promises to be an enriching experience.

Things To Do
When it comes to things to do, Amritsar definitely has a lot to offer to its tourists. The first thing that comes to the mind while thinking about Amritsar is the Golden Temple, the most popular pilgrimage destination for the Sikhs. Known for its divine power, Golden Temple serves as the pride of the country. Apart from this monumental temple, there are several gurudwaras and other shrines. Some of the noted tourists' spots such as Drugiana Temple, Ram Bagh, Mata Mandir and Jallian Wala Bagh make for a must-visit. Apart from sightseeing, there are number of shopping destinations to treat you with regional specialties such as woolens, rugs, dress materials, bags, bangles etc.