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Famous Indian Football Players

Also at present the Indian Football might have been overshadowed by the success and strength maintained by the Indian Cricket team at the international level, still Football remains the 2nd most popular sport in India after Cricket, and in some parts of the nation its hysterical popularity among the fans leaves the same of Cricket much far behind. Especially the states of Goa, Kerala, Manipur, West Bengal, Sikkim and Mizoram are purely Football-crazy and die hard fans of the game.

The Glorious Yesteryears
The Indian Football team in the past has done considerably well at the international and won some coveted championships and trophies. The period from the year 1951 to the year 1962 is considered to be The Golden Era of Indian Football, and the national team won many accolades during the tenure at the international level. The Indian Football team won Gold Medals at the Asian Games 1951 held at New Delhi, and the Asian Games 1962 held at Jakarta. It also has to its credit the achievement of being the first Asian Football team to have reached the Semi Final stage of the Melbourne Olympics 1956. The Indian Football team has recently been successful in winning the Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup 2007. This was the 13th year of this tournament, and the Indian team has won the tournament for the first time.

Gems of the past
From time to time, Indian Football team has got a wide array of gems who have contributed their best efforts in getting the team a shining performance in the international events. In yesteryears, we have had the wonderful line-up of maestros who made the country glorious at many Football tournaments with their impeccable skills. These include the names such as:
The Current Brigade
But the story of Indian Football doesn’t end here. Although the team has not been performing as it once used to at the international level, but there are many reasons behind that, and lack of proper funds is one of them. Still, the Indian Football nation has got some stars, who have been making the nation proud with their sheer performance in various tournaments and championships. Some of these modern jewels of the Indian Football are as follows: