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Boxing in India

The game of boxing does not command a significant fan following in India, because of the lack of discernible international success. At a time when most of the sports are trying to reach out to the younger generation, banking on the popularity of star players, boxing in India languish in the sidelines with no world-class talents in the horizon. In the 2006 Colombo SAF Games, even though Indian boxers managed to bag four gold medals, Pakistan walked away with the top honors, claiming seven gold medals. This is the example of the deteriorating condition of boxing in India.

The Indian Amateur Boxing Federation has been playing its part in motivating the sports enthusiasts, who are aspiring to make it big in boxing. However, despite of the strenuous efforts of the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, Indian boxers have failed to land the knockout punch at the big stage. Lack of motivation is, perhaps, the prime reason for the languishing standard of boxing in India. Certain other factors also contribute to the low ranking of boxing in terms of popularity in India. One of the prime reasons is the focus of media and people on other sports, which have a wealthy administrating body to take care of.