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Read on to know about Santosh Trophy, Indian football tournament

Santosh Trophy

Santosh Trophy was India's premier football tournament, before the inception of the National Football League. Started in 1941, Santosh Trophy was named after the late Maharaja Sir Manmatha Nath Roy Chowdhary of Santosh, who had been the President of the Indian Football Association. Instead of the professional football clubs, various Indian states compete for the much coveted Santosh Trophy. According to the format of the Trophy prevalent in the present time, eight teams are selected through a qualifying round to join the four seeded teams in the quarterfinal league stage. These twelve teams are then divided into four groups, each having three teams. The subsequent group winners complete the semifinal line-up. The state of Bengal has achieved astounding success in the Santosh Trophy, annexing the title a whopping 29 times.

Year Winner Runner-up
1941–42 Bengal Delhi
1942–43 No competition  
1943–44 No competition  
1944–45 Delhi Bengal
1945–46 Bengal Bombay
1946–47 Mysore Bengal
1947–48 Bengal Bombay
1948–49 No competition  
1949–50 Bengal Hyderabad
1950–51 Bengal Hyderabad
1951–52  Bengal Bombay
1952–53 Mysore Bengal
1953–54 Bengal Mysore
1954–55 Bombay Services
1955–56 Bengal Mysore
1956–57 Hyderabad Bombay
1957–58 Hyderabad Bombay
1958–59 Bengal Services
1959–60 Bengal Bombay
1960–61 Services Bengal
1961–62 Railway Bombay
1962–63 Bengal Mysore
1963–64 Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh
1964–65 Railways Bengal
1965–66  Andhra Pradesh Bengal
1966–67 Railways Services
1967–68 Mysore Bengal
1968–69 Mysore Bengal
1969–70 Bengal Services
1970–71  Punjab Mysore
1971–72 Bengal Railways
1972–73 Bengal Tamil Nadu
1973–74 Kerala Railways
1974–75 Punjab Bengal
1975–76 Bengal Karnataka
1976–77 Bengal Maharashtra
1977–78 Bengal Punjab
1978–79 Bengal Goa
1979–80 Bengal Punjab
1980–81 Punjab Railways
1981–82 Bengal Railways
1982–83 Bengal and Goa (joint winners)  
1983–84 Goa Punjab
1984–85 Punjab Maharashtra
1985–86 Punjab Bengal
1986–87 Bengal Railways
1987–88 Punjab Kerala
1988–89 Bengal Kerala
1989–90 Goa Kerala
1990–91 Maharashtra Kerala
1991–92 Kerala Goa
1992–93 Kerala Maharashtra
1993–94 Bengal Kerala
1994–95 Bengal Punjab
1995–96 Bengal Goa
1996–97 Bengal Goa
1997–98 1 Bengal Goa
1998–99 Bengal Goa
1999–00 Maharashtra Kerala
2000–01 Kerala Goa
2001–02 No competition  
2002–03 Manipur Kerala
2003–04 Kerala Punjab
2004–05 No competition  
2005–06 Goa Maharashtra
2006–07 Punjab Bengal
2007–08 Punjab Services