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Read on to know about IFA Shield, Indian football tournament

IFA Shield

The Indian Football Association, the association governing football in the state of West Bengal, came into existence in 1893. Named after the Association, the IFA Shield Tournament was started in the same year. It is India's one of the oldest football tournament and the fourth oldest Cup in the world. During the initial years after its inception, the IFA Shield was dominated by British army teams. However, their stranglehold over the Shield was broken in 1911, when Mohun Bagan became the first Indian team to win the IFA Shield by defeating East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1. That was a historic moment for Indian football, as the natives beat the Englishmen at their own game. East Bengal Club has won the IFA Shield 27 times, while their archrivals - Mohun Bagan has bagged the honors 21 times. In the 2005 edition, the second team of German giants Bayern Munich made its debut in the tournament and walked away with the honors by thrashing Ever Ready SA 5-1 in the final.

IFA Shield Results

Year Winner Runner-Up
1960  Mohun Bagan  Indian Navy
1961  East Bengal & Mohun Bagan  
1962  Mohun Bagan  Hyderabad XI
1963  Bengal Nagpur Railway Mohammedan Sporting
1964  - -
1965  East Bengal  Mohun Bagan
1966  East Bengal  Bengal Nagpur Railway
1967  East Bengal& Mohun Bagan  
1968 Abandoned  
1969  Mohun Bagan  East Bengal
1970  East Bengal  PAS Tehran
1971  Mohammedan Sporting  Tollygunge Agragami
1972  East Bengal  Mohun Bagan
1973  East Bengal  Pyongyang City
1974  East Bengal  Mohun Bagan
1975  East Bengal  Mohun Bagan
1976  East Bengal& Mohun Bagan  
1977  Mohun Bagan  East Bengal
1978  Mohun Bagan & FC Ararat Yerevan  
1979  East Bengal & Mohun Bagan  
1980 Postponed  
1981  East Bengal & Mohun Bagan  
1982  Mohun Bagan  Mohammedan Sporting
1983  East Bengal& Aryans  
1984    East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1985  Penarol  Shaktyar
1986    East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1987  Mohun Bagan  Punjab Police
1988 Tournament Not Held  
1989  Mohun Bagan  Tata Football Academy
1990  East Bengal  Mohammedan Sporting
1991  East Bengal  Army XI
1992 Tournament Not Held  
1993    FC Pakhtakor Tashkent Pavlodar Club
1994    East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1995  East Bengal Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting
1996  JCT MIlls  Karkh Club
1997  East Bengal  FC Kochin
1998  Mohun Bagan  East Bengal
1999  Mohun Bagan  Tollygunge Agragami
2000  East Bengal  Mohun Bagan
2001  East Bengal  Palmeiras
2002    East Bengal Churchill Brothers
2003    Mohun Bagan East Bengal
2004  Myanmar F.R F.C  Mohun Bagan
2005  FC Bayern Munich II  Eveready
2006  Mahindra United  Mohun Bagan
2007-08  Mahindra United  Santos F.C