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Mahindra United is one of the major football clubs in India

Mahindra United

Mahindra United is a professional football club based in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. The club is popularly referred as India's MU after English Premier League powerhouse Manchester United. The Mahindra United football club is one of the most popular football clubs in the country along with East Bengal, Mohan Bagan and JCT FC. This football club is known for its consistent good performance in last four decades of its existence. The Mahindra united club also has many prestigious awards and recognition in its kitty. It has also been a key player in raising the standards of professional football culture in India.

Mahindra Football Club was founded in 1962 as Mahindra & Mahindra under the patronage of the automobile mogul Mahindra Group. The simplestr philosophy behind the formation of this club was that ‘all work and no play can indeed make a company very dull’. That is why a simple sports club with basic facilities was set up in 1950. Nobody ever imagined that this sports club would grow into an establishment that ran a professional team of international standards.

The major shift in this sports club came six years after its formation when in 1956; a group of young boys enrolled themselves in the Mahindra official team in the Bombay Football League and made fearless efforts to reach the top. The shift then reflected in the infrastructure of the sports club which improved the standards as the company granted a full- size football field for practice and training. At this point, with the football teams representing the company at tournaments in Bombay felt the need of a specific football club. This is when Mahindra & Mahindra Allied Company Sports Club came into being in 1962. The football club then never looked back and has registered a record of success in last few decades of its existence.

Current Status
In 2000, the Mahindra Football Team went a total renovation. The name of the club was changed to Mahindra United from the Mahindra & Mahindra Allied Company Sports Club. The Uniform was of the Orange Brigade turned red. Currently, under the patronage of Mahindra Group and guidance of Denis D'Souza, the General Manager of the club has shown tremendously good performance in last few years. The current coach of the team is Derrick Pereira. Players like Subhashish Roy Chowdhury, Manjit Singh and Surojit Bose have been associated with the team presently. As a matter of fact, the right now the Indian football team too, is led by the captain of Mahindra United. The club has even started the Mahindra club under 19 and under 15 branches in order to nurture the young talent in the country.

Accolades and Achievements
Mahindra United has a lot of prestigious awards and championships to its credit. It is the only team to win the Durand Cup twice, which is the second oldest trophy in the world. It is also the first Maharashtrian team to triumph the Harwood League and the Nadkarni Cup three times in a row. The list of the victorious adventure of this club is exhaustive. The company has been three times winner of the Durand Cup, two times winner of IFA shield and Federation Cup (India). There are several other championships like Mammen Mappillai Cup, Rovers Cup, AFC Cup, CM Cup and Super Cup where Mahindra United has registered victory.