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Mohammedan Sporting Club is one of the major football clubs in India

Mohammedan Sporting Club

Mohammedan Sporting Club was founded in 1891 at Kolkata is one of the oldest and prestigious football clubs in India. It is one of the most popular football clubs in India with a support base from all parts of the country. It is one of three clubs apart from the East Bengal and Mohan Bagan club of the country which once stood as a synonym for the Indian Football. The club is currently plays the first division of I-League and premier division of CFL. It is renowned for its consistent performance and the raising the professional sports culture in the country. The traditional jersey of this club is black and white and the club is followed by a large number of people all over the country.

Mohammedan Sporting Club as established in the year 1891 even before the East Bengal Club came in existence. It first tasted success when it emerged as the victorious team in the Calcutta Football League in 1934 and then created a history of records by winning the Calcutta Football League continuously for 5 yrs during 1934 to 1938. The club also emerged as a champion from 1940 and 1941 along with the IFA Shield Championship. It was the Indian first team to destroy the monopoly of the British teams in the Durand Cup when it won it in 1941. The club also set a record after becoming the second Indian team to win Rover’s cup after the Bangalore Muslims. It also became the first Indian team to win the Du Mont Morency Cup in the year 1939 in Lahore.

Current Status
The club has a glorious past but it has been suffering from financial and official crisis in the recent years though the officials, supporters and sports lovers are trying their level best to renovate the club to bring it again in old status. Recently, Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group has granted a sposnsorship of INR 10 million which will be very crucial in rebuilding the infrastructure of the team of ‘black panthers’ once again.

Accolades and Achievements
The Mohammedan Sporting Club has won all the major Indian cahmionships namely the Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, I.F.A. Shield, Calcutta League, DCM trophy and Airlines Gold Cup. The exhaustive list of its victorious adventure can also be extended to other championships like AIFF federation Cup, Nizam Cup, Aga Khan Gold Cup, Bodoland Martyrs Gold Cup, Kaligna Cup and DCM trophy. The most recent victory of the Mohammedan Sporting Club has been the victory in the second division AIFF NFL in 2004-2005.