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FC Kochin is one of the major football clubs in India

FC Kochin

F. C. Kochin is a football club based in Kochi, Kerala, India. It is one of its own kind first professional football clubs in India. It was founded in April 1997 under the auspicious of Football Club Kochin Trust. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the F.C. Kochin was the only Kerala football club in the National Football League. The home ground for F.C. Kochin is Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kaloor, formerly known as Kaloor International stadium. The club has shown some really good performances in last one decade of its existence. The club has contributed a lot to the football culture in Kerala in short span of its existence.

The main objective of the F. C. Kochin club is to develop and promote the sports culture in Kerala. It also aims at the development and promotion football in a professional way and to contribute to the youth and sport development programs being envisioned by the state and the country. To a great extent, this football club has also succeeded in the attainment of its objective. In only few years of its existence, it has come up with new talents of international standard and also raised the level of awareness and professionalism in the arena of football in the state.

The successful management of the club is done in the guidance of FC Kochin Trust with Mr. P.V. Paul as the Managing Trustee. Other prominent members of this club are Mr.Thomas Kannookadan & Mr.T.U.Davis who are the trustees of this club. The head office of the F. C. Kochin is at Kaloor, Kochi. Mr. Paul Varghese is the chief Patron of the club and Mr. K.J.Varoo is the Manager. With very dedicated management staffs, the team has touched the zeniths of success in only a short period of 10 years.

FC Kochin has contributed substantially to the advancement of Kerala football in a very limited period of time. The most prestigious achievement so far for FC Kochin has been winning the Durand Cup in the national capital of India,New Delhi in 1997. FC Kochin has also been a consistent performer in the National Football League. This football club has also been the winner of the Kerala State League several times and also the winner of Kerala State Championship. The FC Kochin club also won the Central Railway Open in 1998 and the All India Central Revenue Cup in 1998.