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Read on to know about Indian sports associations, organisations and academies

Indian Sports Associations

Sports have been one of the most loved activities in India. Right from hockey, cricket, football, badminton, tennis to golf, swimming and archery, almost every one indulges in one or the other form of sports. Gone are the days when different sports were mainly played for recreational purpose or to satisfy the fitness demands. In the present times, sports in India are essentially played for competitive and occupational purpose. With time, the mindset of people has also undergone a change. Today, parents encourage their children to play sports and make a name in their choicest field. With the growing stature of all the sports, the need to have a managing body has also gained.

To manage all the sports in India, the task of governing and promoting them in India have fallen on a number of Indian sports associations. Sports organizations such as the Indian Olympic Association and Sports Authority of India are spearheading efforts to raise the standard of Indian sports through different talent promotion schemes. The central governing bodies, a host of sports academies and institutes are actively involved in the grooming of Indian sportsmen. Besides them, there are various corporate houses, which have initiated and have shown interest in supporting the talent in India. In this section, we deal with the list of sports associations, institutes and academies in India.