Here is a brief profile on Indian archery. Read for information on archery sport in India.

Archery in India

An ancient game in India, archery is making rapid strides in the country, with more and more youngsters opting for it. Young talents like Jayant Talukdar, Tarundeep Rai and Rahul Banerjee are making waves at the big stage. With international laurels pouring thick and fast, India is emerging as an archery powerhouse. The country is all set to break the Korean stranglehold on the World Archery Championship. The fact that India finished second to the mighty Koreans at the 2005 World Championship is a solid proof of the growing International stature of Indian archers and the sport of archery back home.

In the present time, archery has found favor among a wider section of the Indian society, with the introduction of modern and sophisticated equipments for the sport. Moreover, the Archery Association of India (AAI) is taking special efforts in providing infrastructure and proper training to the sportspersons, who have taken archery as their event. Moreover, job opportunities are opening up in a big way for the sport's stars. Traditionally dominated by champion archers from tribal communities, today, a major lot of the archers come from non-tribal areas with good educational backgrounds. In the present time, archery in India has emerged as a sport with considerable recognition and has managed to score success.